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Macros and Plugins / Geoglyph macros 'invalid'
« Last post by ndixon54 on May 31, 2017, 04:06:05 PM »
Hi all, I'm thinking about getting Geoglyph but I got the trial version and can't quite get it to work.  Any time I try to load a macro, an error pops up saying the macro isn't valid.  I've downloaded and used several user-made macros without problem, so it seems to only be the Geoglyph macros that are causing the issue.  It looks awesome and I'd really love for it to work but I can't get it to work for the life of me.  I've tried running things in admin mode, relocating the macros and pointing both programs to new folders (on the c: drive, another internal drive and a NAS) and I get the same result every time.

I'm using World Machine Standard and the free trial of Geoglyph.  Thanks in advance.
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
« Last post by sfriedberg on May 31, 2017, 12:25:17 PM »
jgwinner, did you actually try to download the update?  Remnant extended the update eligibility substantially due to the last year's non-activity, so if you had a license you might get the download.
General Discussion / Re: erosion changing on file re-open
« Last post by smb3d on May 31, 2017, 11:59:22 AM »
The actual seed number is not changing but the erosion itself is not using the same seed number internally it appears. Even clicking in the box though it is disabled will change the appearance of the erosion.

I will try to hook up an integer and see if it helps anyways.
Feature Requests / Re: GPGPU enhancments/Multiscreen
« Last post by jgwinner on May 31, 2017, 07:31:50 AM »
GPU Erosion could be added via the plugin's I think.

Would people pay for that?

I've wanted to write a wind carving node, a sand carving node, and a continental erosion (including subduction, that kind of stuff).

I've also wanted to write a small scale erosion node that did a good job of eroding around fixed objects; I've done it with nodes, but it's tough. Basically, if you had say a set of stairs, you'd want to erode the 'edges' of the stairs so mud would flow down them, but not actually cut into the stairs. You can't really do it with hardness maps as the entire stair is 'hard'. Sediment would flow down it, but not cut into the surface.

== John ==
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
« Last post by jgwinner on May 31, 2017, 07:21:17 AM »
That's good - I apparently don't get the free updates.

I had to make a decision - upgrade something that seemed to be dead? I mean, I didn't know if Stephen was all right :(

My subscription apparently lapsed in September 25, 2016 :(  :(

== John ==
Guest Forum / Re: Combine two islands made with layout generators?
« Last post by JakBB on May 31, 2017, 04:33:00 AM »
What's your combiner set to?
Try setting it to Max at full effect
Guest Forum / Combine two islands made with layout generators?
« Last post by navett52 on May 30, 2017, 01:32:43 PM »
Hi, I have a continent that I want to make with multiple smaller islands off of it's coast. I want to keep the continent and each island in their own layout generators since each piece of land will have a different terrain so this will make things easier. Here are some pictures to hopefully make sure I'm not being confusing:

This is the continent:

This is an island off of it's coast:

This is what I want it to look like, but I'm getting this result by making the island within the same layout generator as the continent which is not how I want to do it:

This is me attempting to use a combiner to make both islands show up while they're in their own layout generators, but no setting on the combiner lets me make it look like the above photo:

The question again is how can I make both these islands show up like in the 3rd photo, but have them be within their own layout generators?

Thanks for any responses!
Bug Reports and Help / Layout Generator: very slow in 3015
« Last post by hamzaaa on May 29, 2017, 08:57:35 AM »

I just loaded up my World Machine files and wanted to try out the new version. As I am using the Layout generator a lot, I noticed that now it is suuuper slow to edit vertices. It gets better when I turn down the resolution settings in the graphics options but compared to other versions (like for example which felt very smooth to edit) it still is almost impossible to efficiently work with it. Unfortunately this completely breaks this version for me and makes it unable for me to use :(
Does anyone else experience this issue and is there a way to fix it?
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