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There are things you can do in normal build however, that you cannot do in tiled builds. So make sure you learn both anyway.
Thank you so so much. I found this all so confusing. So in essence, as im building a tiled build I can totally ignore the first tab(render extents).

Guest Forum / Re: Help making large island for new person
« Last post by Pinglory on October 04, 2017, 03:05:58 AM »
I do not think I can get in here, it's great.
Alright! I get it now.

There are two types of builds, normal build, and tiled build.

Normal build builds your terrain into a single image file, where tiled build breaks your terrain into a grid of tiles.

The first image you shared is of normal build resolution setting. This is the resolution your world is built at using "build" button. The second one is the tiled build setting. This is the resolution and build settings if you plan to build a tiled world, using "Tiled build" button (with a cross on it, like phillips screw).

Both are separate types of builds, so you can only build one at a time. The other settings do not affect the ones being currently used.
thanks for your kind help WFab i really appreciat it.

Here are the resolution settings in the two tabs. Is it possible that I have the wrong version? I have the full build.

I don't see any other resolution dial in tiled build settings, aside from the main tile resolutions.

I don't see any resolution setting exclusively for render extents either.

Do you mean layout view interactive resolution?

Please post pictures of what's confusing you.
Thank you for your help WFab

so I notice that there is a Resolution Dial in the Render Extents tab as well as a tile resolution under the Tiled Build tab.

What is the difference between the two, do they both need to be set and what do they affect.

Does one perhaps affect the size of exported textures and the other affect the resolution of the landscape maybe? I'm very confused as two why there would need to be two distinct resolution settings?
Bug Reports and Help / Re: WM Pro not showing startup Nodes
« Last post by WFab on September 29, 2017, 03:14:35 PM »
World machine opens a file called "startup.tmd" in the main install directory. Check if you have that file, and open it manually. If it opens a blank document, you saved a blank startup file in original's place. Ask for someone to share the original, and replace it.
They are different things entirely. Render extents kinda define the extents of your world. By default, your main extent is your world, and you build it into "tiles", it just gets split into multiple pieces.

So in short,

1.) No, one does not negate the other, and

2.) Like I said, render extents have to do with your current world. So if you created a custom extent to isolate, say, a single mountain from a bigger terrain, say, an island, You will only split that one mountain into 8x8tiles on export. Make sure your whole terrain is your current render extent. If you did not change the extents anyway, just do nothing with regards to that. Just edit your tile settings and build tiled world.

The purpose of render extent is to go deeper and create most complex terrains you can imagine. It's like a "focus tool", so you can look at a biome closer. And it's used by the layout tool as well. If you don't wanna get into those, don't. It has nothing to do with tiling.
hi there
I am very confused about the relatioship between the Render extents tab and the Tiled Build Options tab.

1. does one negate the need for the other.
2. if inside the Tiled Build Tab, I am making an 8x8 tile set at a custom resolution of 4033x4033 for UE4, do I have to do anything with regards to the Render Extents tab too.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give to me.
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