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Geology and Terrain / Re: Making an entire continent and exporting it to UE4? Possible?
« Last post by WFab on December 07, 2017, 11:19:03 PM »
You need world machine pro for higher resolutions. World machine basic is limited to 512 resolution, not much you can do with it at that scale.

Secondly, yes it's a tough job to create a believable terrain. A lot of the extra work for realism (trees, assets, shaders) is done in your target engine, unity or unreal. World machine is a terrain modelling tool, the landscape and level is up to the target engine where the terrain data can be imported and manipulated.
Feature Requests / Re: Smaller BreakUp shape
« Last post by WFab on December 07, 2017, 11:09:50 PM »
Layout generator is for shaping your terrain's form, not for creating finer features.

Plug the layout generator into an advanced perlin generator, either shape guide input, or mask input. Then add detail via the AP.
the game world is 3km x 3km and tiled into 75m x 75m tiles that each have a 4k reaolution heightmap
Oh I meant in (kilo)meters vs resolution - your import in Unity showed 75 x 75 meters with a height of 1000 meters?
I think it might be 3Km?
4097x4097 with a 0.732 m/pixel scale
I am just learning World Machine. How large is your terrain size in WM?
Here is the import settings if this is what you mean

How are you importing the height map in unity?
Ahhh okay, hmmm.
When i used a r16 file I didn't have that problem. I was told if you try to use tif it will convert it to 8 bit internally and only true raw input files work @ 16 bit. So I expect my issue was not your issue.
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