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Development News / Re: When will WM 3 get released finally?
« Last post by WM_Moderator on March 02, 2018, 06:20:10 PM »
Hi Jaf!

I've recently started helping World Machine as Community Liaison, so will periodically pop into forums / support tickets. This is an easy question, so thanks. :) Yes! World Machine development is very much still going (and has been going for the previous decade). In between the major releases there are several dev releases. Since WM 2.3, there have been over 100 improvements that have come out through a series of dev channel releases that are now all included in the Mailbox Peak release.

We're currently working on addressing some of the bugs that have been reported since the Mailbox Peak release. Hoping to have a bug fix version out in the coming weeks, depending on how easily we can track these bugs down, of course. If anyone is experiencing crashes, send us those crash reports! It's the most helpful thing to tracking down what's going on.

If you purchased or renewed your World Machine license within a calendar year from the date of the upcoming bug-fix release, you'll get that bug-fix release for free. Hope you're enjoying using the new version!
Hi Matt,

Thanks so much! It was super exciting to get the Mailbox Peak release out. Thanks for the feedback - people were asking for it the other way (that it changed to), but you're absolutely right, it makes you dependent on using a keyboard now. On a laptop, using the right-click option is a huge pain, but on a desktop, having to use the computer keyboard is probably equally annoying. I like the idea of a checkbox you can toggle (that might even help if you're switching to work on World Machine between a desktop and a laptop). I agree it doesn't sound like it should be too hard to implement, but you never know how these things might go. :) I'll definitely look into it - enjoy using Mailbox Peak!
Guys, Could you tell me please
The best way to texture in WM is Geoglyph, because of color satelite table,
Actually as I undesdand the one way to make good render is find good gradient ramp, so it is the best in Geoglyph we have 100 color satelite tables,but I have try every from 100 and result is not natural, then I try to use gradient ramp from file with mountain pictures, it is not good too, then i have use different colorize for Colormap, Flow map, wear map, deposition map to use different gradient for Colormap, Flow map, wear map, deposition map but the result the same, texture is not good, it is just flat images which far away from good render.
Could you tell me please What is wrong with this technique?
We have cool mesh and we use for this mesh best color gradient  ramp but result is not natural, for example we use Vegetation Hypercomplex,  or Desert Arid Complex or Coastal reef somple and any other from 100 gradient ramp look does not natural, we can see it at the pictures, from Geoglyph color satelite table, but other 100 the same like these,  it is far away from good gradient ramp, maybe is there some other way then just use gradient ramp, may be it is not need just to use colorize and choose one of these 100 gradient ramps? In all tutorials from Digital Tutors, Lynda, Creekatplay, show only basic render with some simple gradient ramp.
Maybe we just need to get color map, masks Flow map, wear map, deposition map and splat map and make mask selections with Height select and then use these masks in 3d max, or in UE4 to paint it in natural colors? Or maybe we can use Substance Designer just to try many times to find good gradient ramp? Or if we just use some gradient ramp, some color table so picrures like these and with more or less better colorize is the maximum quality for  WM and Geoglyph and should use Camera Projection to make better result or export to Vue and use procedural materials for WM in Vue for example? But it can't be so render WM and Geoglyph looking just so simple gradient ramp colormap. I think maybe everybody makes a few maskx, splatmap for different heights, flow map, wear map, deposition map and the use this maps to use another textures but almost no information about that in all tutorials just simple gradient ramp, and it looks not very interesting. Must be some tips and tricks to good texturing in WM.
Macros and Plugins / Re: Geoglyph macros 'invalid'
« Last post by Erwin0265 on March 02, 2018, 12:30:44 AM »
I realise that this is quite belated, but what is the actual build number of your WM?
GG2 only works with WM 2.3.7 and up.
Earlier version crash.............
Guest Forum / li battery for hunting camera
« Last post by miil233 on February 28, 2018, 05:32:36 PM »
BL480L-P Outdoor Trap Cameras Li Battery
1.Name:Rechargeable Li Battery
2.Recharge voltage:4.2V
3.Rated  voltage:3.6V
4.Rated capacity:2500mAh @ 0.2C Discharge to 2.5V
5.Standard Charging: 0.5C
6.Rapid charge:0.5C
7.Charging time:Standard Charging:3.0hours(Ref.)
8.Max charge current:4.0A
9.Max discharge current:8.0C
10.Discharge cut-off voltage:2.5V
11.Working tempterature: -20℃~75℃
12.Storage temperature:-30℃~ +60℃
13.Net Weight:45g
14.Battery Size:18x8x1.2cmli battery for hunting camera
Guest Forum / wholesale solar wall light
« Last post by miil233 on February 28, 2018, 05:31:57 PM »
Renewable energy includes solar, hydro, wind, biomass, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean temperature difference and so on. They can be recycled in nature. Is inexhaustible energy, will automatically regenerate, is relative to the exhaustion of non-renewable energy is an energy.
With the improvement of technology, more and more renewable energy products change the human energy use structure, tend to use environmental protection, clean, green energy, change and improve human living standards and quality, reduce environmental pollution, reduce disease Occurrence, especially the occurrence of cancer.
Shaanxi DH Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a product, sales and service of renewable energy company.
Our productions are:
Solar panels
The Sun energy generate system
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solar water heaters
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Solar furnace
As well as the provision of relevant technical advisory services, and solutions.
Basically, we provide meticulous solutions and provide an important link between the plant and the environment. Our customer base involves researchers, universities, agronomists, gardener, outdoor engineers, forest science and playground management.
We like renewable energy, it is good for our planet and our customers. Our goal is to help all customers safely and successfully design, select, purchase and install renewable energy systems and related products.
Our mission is to work with customers once they have the opportunity to use clean, renewable energy in homes, factories, outdoor projects and even scientific projects. We just started!
Energy saving is a virtue, environmental protection is a fashion.
our solar panel factory:wholesale solar wall light
Guest Forum / Research Paper Writing Service
« Last post by miil233 on February 28, 2018, 05:31:40 PM »
What subjects can we handle ?
Passignment has experience for 9 years. Now, we are able to deal with papers of most subjects.
Our Promise
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Guest Forum / Sunglasses 3D Model suppliers
« Last post by miil233 on February 28, 2018, 05:31:00 PM »
Projector Order Solution Provider
Shenzhen EASUN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (EASUNTECH) was founded in 2012 that is a high-tech start-up specializing in integrated R&D, manufacture, sale and service of LCD LED projector. Main products are portable projector, mini projector and wifi projector, related products are wired or wireless wifi display dongle, projection screen and projector stand.
Shenzhen factory covers an area of 3,000 square meters, there are about 100 workers including a R&D team of 5 persons, and it has 3 production lines with monthly production capacity of 50,000 pieces. With the strong engineering technology of OEM and ODM, we can satisfy integrated production demands of customers from the product development, mold design, injection molding, oil- injection silk-printing and finished-product assembly.
In light of corporate culture of “integrity, responsibility, quality, professionalism, service, efficiency” and business philosophy of “taking market demand as the guidance, take customer satisfaction as the center”, we keep trying our best to develop most competitive LED projector products for customers to cut procurement cost and create market opportunity.
Adhering to the tenet of “marketing by technology, surviving by quality, stabilizing by reputation, developing by innovation” and with excellent R&D team of abundant industry experiences, we keep providing customers with most quality LED projector products and well-established after-sale guarantee to support customer cause and create customer value.
Our vision is helping customers get great success and achieving the dream of “international standard factory”.Sunglasses 3D Model suppliers
Guest Forum / restaurant rendering design Made in China
« Last post by miil233 on February 28, 2018, 05:29:12 PM »
Our company focus on interior design rendering, architectural appearance rendering, landscaping, landscape design and rendering drawing and rendering architecture animation multimedia production and so on. Design projects involving commercial shops, catering entertainment, beauty salon, exhibition display, office space, bedroom villas, landscape garden, community planning, major service in the decoration company, real estate development company, department of urban planning and design, architectural design institute, landscape design company.Top graphics technology, realistic material, giving consistent with product design train of thought of structure design, put the most attractive point of view, achieved the best rendering works.Strives for the survival by the quality, service reputation, to create action, to seek development team.After years of practice has accumulated rich professional understanding and actual combat experience, and continuous innovation in the field, have the courage to explore, to provide our customers a and a satisfactory and excellent rendering design Made in China
Guest Forum / solid surface bathroom vanity tops
« Last post by miil233 on February 28, 2018, 05:27:58 PM »
Guangdong Baotrol Building material co., Ltd is a modern enterprise integrated with research & development, production and marketing of mineral-filled composite materials.
The Introduction of 3 automatic continuous production lines and intelligent color matching system with color controlling technology has effectively solved the problem of chromatic aberration, and achieves a significant result in stabilizing and balancing color, contributing to the advantage of keeping a proper and competitive cost.
The introduction of silica-wide vacuumized high-pressure flow field technique from Italy enables us to produce products with natural texture and pattern. With texture of centuries old lave, our products exhibit extreme hardness and abrasion resistance.
Meanwhile , we also produce wood boards, artificial stone sheets & quartz sheets for decoration companies, construction material wholesalers & distributors.
Our artificial furniture mainly including table, bar counter, reception counter, kitchen countertop, display cabinet, display rack, wall panel, basin and all related artificial stone finished products; another style is wooden furniture, including table, chair, bar counter, display cabinet, display rack, office furniture, hotel furniture and various of commercial furniture. Our building material involves solid surface, artificial stone sheet and wood. Our products are exported to Europe, USA, Middle-East markets,
Southeast Asia Africa and many places in the world. No matter the project for restaurant, hotel, school, library, exclusive shop or wholesalers, distributors for sheet and sanitary products, all are welcome by us.
Baotrol respects the rules, but does not follow the rules blindly , Well known that the source of value will never based on the boring conception. Innovation is the spirit of Baotrol and it's undertakings, so we devote our efforts to build a creative space , focus on prospective, plasticity and openness, expect to nurture every extraordinary creativity  together with our clients carefully, enable our customers to share the business miracle from innovation.
Execution is not the attitude only, but ability also!
Baotrol hope to create more new products, we strive to be an all-around service provider in furniture & building materials and decoration service. To grasp customer needs effectively, promote a creative and efficient execution. Baotrol adhere to "Honesty is the Basic" as the operating principle, take "Customer First, Best Service"
as the enterprise's life, insist on providing customers with the most complete, most professional, most systemic, the most advanced engineering and management services, regard "Maximize every Customer Satisfaction" as the company's highest creed, and try to exceed customer expectations!solid surface bathroom vanity tops
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