Author Topic: Fantastic example world illustrating the use of the Snow Device by Remnant  (Read 1421 times)

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Hi all,
This post is essentially addressed to Remnant as it relates to an earlier post in which he offers to share a fantastic example world for using the Snow Device:
I actually have a fantastic example world  for using the snow device for a snowy peak; it uses a currently unreleased device but I will see if I can modify it and post it to this thread soon.
Post entitled "Snow" by Troedel back on Sept 19, 2012

@Remnant; whatever happened to the snow world illustrating the snow device's usage that you were planning on posting here?
I know it's been a couple of years since this post, but the need is still here............................
The post that I am referring to is entitled "Snow" by Troedel and was posted back on Sept 19, 2012................
I also replied to the OP but as it's over 2 years old, thought it prudent to make a fresh post............