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I'm actually trying to find a solution to process a whole folder of terrain input files in bulk, let's say I have the following list of terrain files:


and they need to be processed into plain heightfields through the "Height Output" Device:

D:\Terrain_x12_y12   ->   D:\Heightfield_x12_y12
D:\Terrain_x15_y3     ->   D:\Heightfield_x15_y3
D:\Terrain_x9_y4       ->   D:\Heightfield_x9_y4
D:\Terrain_x4_y5       ->   D:\Heightfield_x4_y5

I'm actually playing around with an XML script, but I even got stuck on changing the filename for the "File Input" Device. Would be great if someone could point me a bit in the right directions, a documentation or reference would be great :)

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