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I follow Anna B Mayer on patreon, she makes maps that are 200-300 km in size, mostly for 2D purposes but they look awesome in vue. They come with different color maps. I say it's possible if you create zone with the layout generator and use it as "mask". You could also makes yourself 2D masks in photoshop and import them as file input if you feel too clueless.

So basically, yes.

A test on Color map I did last week. All colors are made in WM.

Guest Forum / Re: Help making large island for new person
« on: October 12, 2017, 11:03:01 AM »
if you want to pay 20$, anna b mayer has a patreon where she explains large maps with different spots. She helped me make huge scenes with various parts bur I'd say the level of her files are intermediate, she doesn't provide much info yet but she's always on to explain her maps. You also need a developper edition of WM to open her files.

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