Author Topic: Working withCryEngine cover.ctc file...  (Read 1572 times)

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Working withCryEngine cover.ctc file...
« on: March 16, 2015, 01:48:56 PM »
When I generate surface texture in the older CryEngine1 it creates a 'cover.ctc' file. This file holds the hires surface texture data that i want to mess around with inside WM.

Does anyone have experience working with this file? Changing file extension so it will open inside of WM or PS?

Here is the only extended info i could find about this proprietary filetype from the CryTek engines...

CryTek Terrain Textures (.ctc)

Contains an array of square terrain texture tiles. First uint of file is the width/height of the textures (128 in X-Isle demo). Followed by an array of raw data for DXT1 compressed textures + mipmaps ie. 128*128/2 bytes for first texture, 64*64/2 for first mipmap, ..., 8 bytes for 4x4 mipmap, 8 bytes for 2x2 mipmap (8 bytes as must store full DXT1 block), 8 bytes for 1x1 mipmap, 128*128/2 bytes for second texture, ... . Size of array is unknown, read until end of file. (X-Isle demo "cover.ctc" contains 508 textures.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this, hope you can help!