Author Topic: Tiled File Input ... Can't load relative paths  (Read 1118 times)

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Tiled File Input ... Can't load relative paths
« on: July 26, 2017, 01:39:52 PM »
World Machine has a bug ... it can't validate a tile-set with relative paths!!!

'Specify from Files...'

With the checkbox 'Use relative path to file' selected, the node can't validate the tileset.  Absolute paths work fine.

The problem here, is this is going to cause issues with portable automated builds:

  • I am creating world templates, set up with staged automation:  Build tiles, stitch tiles, etc.  So if I provision new levels from this template (copy the template to a new location), these absolute paths now have to be updated manually before the world can be built.
  • Automated builds will break.  Develop in branch 1 locally, build in branch 2 in a workspace on a remote farm - the absolute paths will cause the build to fail
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