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Geological Feature Scale and Combination
« on: September 01, 2017, 12:28:17 AM »
I recently started exploring WM2.

I am certain the problem is due to my lack of knowledge and skills in WM2 but am not able to get around it for now.

My query is in regards to the scale of features like Islands, Mountains, valleys etc. with respect to each other.
I am aware that the output of WM2 can be freely scaled up or down to get the desire size in 3d engines or applications.
This is question is in regards to such outputs in WM2 itself.

Example: Mountains
When I create a mountain ranges, the A.Perlin device ( or other devices) works best at certain sizes since the device itself has slider set to feature scale.
So, the mountain range looks good in when its size is natural ( in kilometers) but it is almost impossible to create this in meters or at may 1/10 scale or so.
At the smaller scales, it gets too noisy ( spikey).

The solution to this would be to create the mountain range to look good irrespective of its size and then scale it down later in another application.

Here is where I am stumped:

I have created an island in WM2 that spans at best 20 kilometers ( at 1/10 scale or so) since creating them far larger would consume too much memory and time.
How do I go about adding the mountain range to this island in WM2?
At its natural size, the mountain range will cover the island and then some. I can't create the mountain range at smaller scale since it doesn't look good.
Is there a way to just scale the final mountain range output by X and then combine with the island output?

How will you approach this problem?