Author Topic: No Output from River Reach Device  (Read 1334 times)

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No Output from River Reach Device
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:14:21 AM »

I've just installed build 3016 Pro Edition 64 bit and trying to have a go with the River Device(s) but I can't seem to get any output from them whatsoever.

I've looked at the example projects (which seems to build with rivers fine) but in a new project, even I just do a simple device setup I can't seem to get any rivers, e.g. Add an Advanced Perlin, Erode it into a respectable shape, add a River Reach Device (with or without River Character input) - all I get is just 'black' output, no river defined, no changes in height map or values coming out at all.

Am I missing something fundamental here? I've done some googling searched through the forums but I can't find anything beyond the Example Projects that give any information on how to use the River system.

Please can anyone help me! :(


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Re: No Output from River Reach Device
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 02:08:56 PM »
Have you drawn the path that defines the river? This is setup in Layout View after you create a River Reach device.

Here's a short video of how to do this:

  • Create a River Reach device
  • Switch to Layout View and select the River Reach tab.
  • Press the Add Reach button.
  • Press and hold the left mouse button and draw a reach path. As you're drawing you will see Xs populated on the path, these are the control points.
  • Release left mouse button to complete the reach path.
At this point your River Reach device should be usable, though you'll probably also want to setup GCS parameters to make it more realistic (see also

Attached some screenshots showing what you should see at this point, though in my examples I also added a default configured Advanced Perlin generator.