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Title: G16 Bitmap export
Post by: Ben on January 05, 2009, 04:21:54 pm
Is it plausible that in the near future, exporting to G16 could be supported? This is the terrain height format of choice for UE3. In the mean time I am using G16ed to convert r16 to G16. There are two annoyances with this. First, G16ed doesn't support anything above 1024. UE3 terrains like 1025 so that puts my limit at 513. Second, G16ed wont open .r16. This is minor (sort of), I just rename to raw, no further problems. This becomes a time waster when I have many terrain masks to convert. Now, this is really not WM's fault, but is there an option somewhere (or ini) where I can make WM save Raw16 to .raw instead?

Also, does anyone know of an alternative to G16ed that I can use? I would love to try 2048 (sorry, 2049) terrains in UE3... :P

Edit: Never mind the r16/raw question, I can just set the extension on the height output hehe.

Edit #2: WM resets my .raw extension back to .r16 when I close the height outputs :( So my question stands!
Title: Re: G16 Bitmap export
Post by: Aphex on March 28, 2009, 03:23:46 am
Vanity search alert ;)

I 'upgraded' G16Ed to handle larger files a while back... get the latest version here: (
Interface still rough as a bear's bum tho ;)