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Title: Terrain for Lego project is maybe not flat enough
Post by: posfan12 on January 15, 2014, 01:33:30 am
I'm working on a community Lego project here:

I created some terrain using WM here:

The scale of the terrain is 1 square per every 32 bricks.

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the terrain. In particular I would like the flat areas of the terrain to be slightly flatter. But I would appreciate any other feedback too.

Here is a screenshot:

Here is a screenshot of some terrain I made several years ago using Wilbur:

I actually like this a bit better for a few reasons, but I lost the file and no longer have it. Also, WM is a bit easier to work with than Wilbur.


(By the way, if anyone would like to officially join the project, that would be awesome!)