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Title: Problem with default parameters
Post by: Focus on May 15, 2016, 08:11:12 pm
I used to use WM 2.3 but i updated to 3.0latestbuild, and when i open projects in 3.0 that i made on 2.3, something changes. What happens is that the point where it was before 0m 0m (in 2.3 version) is now different, 0m 0m in 2.3, is -4m -4m in 3.0. It can be seen in the following image, a basic noise with the same parameters, seed ... it is displaced. It seems that the default 0m 0m point in 2.3version is different than 0m 0m point on 3.0. How can i solve it? Is there any way to change the default point 0m 0m?