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Title: URGENT: Hiring WM+Geoglyph Artist for 1 week project
Post by: Cole on October 23, 2017, 03:19:49 pm
My name's Cole and I'm the director of the interactive department at my studio. We're looking for someone to create 5 "planet" models, each with a different "biosphere" or climate/terrain type ie. Lava planet, Ice planet, Rainforest etc. Our artist has created 1 Lava planet to use as a reference, we're looking for someone to do 5 more. Our artist used both World Builder and Geography and we were happy with the results but open to ideas.

We need the models and textures to be rendered out to an image sequence with the planet completing a 360ยบ rotation. This image sequence will then go to After Effects for compositing work on our end.

Assets are due back to us no later than Friday Nov 3rd end of day. Definitely an expedited timeline but our artist (who just learned WM) did one planet in a day, so hoping reaching out to this forum will produce faster results.

Please send any inquiries to [email protected]; Budget is negotiable.

Thank you