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Title: more tutorials needed !!
Post by: CreativeWorlds on May 29, 2018, 05:14:26 am
hello community  :)

i'm pretty new to world machine and am trying hard to get in it.
why dont they do some good tutorials for their engine, i mean,
we are paying good money for it and they cant even manage to add some simple tutorials to the most features ? :?

i hope they will fix this in soon future..
Title: Re: more tutorials needed !!
Post by: WM_Moderator on May 30, 2018, 11:34:43 pm
Hi CreativeWorlds!

A few options for you. First, take a look at File --> Open Example Worlds and look through the 9 beginner tutorials to get yourself oriented to the software. That should cover a lot of the basics. Then, obviously there's a lot of great information here in this forum that you can search through, or ask new questions! Finally, GeekAtPlay is an avid user that has created a lot of excellent tutorials that you might find useful as well - take a look here: (thanks Vlad!)

Hope that helps you get started!

- Your Friendly Neighborhood Forum Moderator :)