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Title: Looking to hire professional for a couple hours of consultation about workflow.
Post by: KnobbyNobbes on August 30, 2018, 02:10:43 pm
Hey all,

So, I'm currently sort of in the middle of the learning process of being able to create landscapes, and at this point I just really need to be able to talk directly to someone who does this for a living on how to integrate World Machine into my workflow, and what sort of maps a texture artist will be needing from me when I hand off the landscape.

Currently my workflow is thus: Get a realworld height map -> bring it into World Creator 2 to spiff it up and bring the resolution up (I prefer to see my edits in real time) -> bring it into World Machine to get finishing touches and to generate texture maps (like wear, flow, sediment, erosion, etc) -> bang head on desk because I cant get the quality of World Machine to match what I saw in World Creator -> ??? -> profit.

What I need help with is what best practices are used to get good results out of World Machine, what textures are usually required by texture artists later down the line, general workflow suggestions/help, maybe even talk about whether rendering on a render farm is worth it/necessary?

I've also been fiddling around with Geoglyph as well because it seems to make things come out much faster/easier, but the quality is still not quite good enough.
Title: Re: Looking to hire professional for a couple hours of consultation about workflow.
Post by: WFab on October 31, 2018, 02:48:29 pm
I suggest you look through the forum contents first. Dig deep to find what info you're looking for.

I don't understand what you mean by "quality of world machine" here. I assume you mean terrain quality? I've found world machine to be most flexible when it comes to terrain quality. World creator has it's perks, but nowhere close when it comes to final quality of the terrain features. World machine just requires you to learn the workings of nodes better. You can never go back to layers once you tame the nodes!

I'd like to know more about your workflow. What kind of pipeline you have? What is your worldmachine version, and edition? What resolution are you working on? What kind of terrain effects you feel are missing in world machine compared to world creator?

If you like to talk more freely, I'd like to invite you to the world machine software group ( on facebook. Do let me know your facebook name first, pm if you like.