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Title: Import into UE4 / unreal using world composition
Post by: catdsnny on September 23, 2018, 11:40:46 AM
All exported tiled terrains import with large negative Z values.  Tried setting the base height and maximum height to many different values  (0/512, -512/512, 0/2048, etc).  All tiled exports to R16 result in the base terrain around -26000 Z.

What's worse UE4 does not allow for height adjustment in world composition.

Exporting to a single landscape and then adjusting the height works fine.  However I am working on a large tiled landscape so that is not an option.

Anyone have hints for settings to use to get the world to appear at Z 0?  Procedural landscape stuff doesnt work with large negative Z, for example, and lighting is screwed.