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October 18, 2019, 10:08:38 am


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hi there,

I got a little bit of a problem, may somebody like to help:

I got a pre-made terrain (heightmap) and I need to erode it a bit.
However, the mostly flat ground needs to stay untouched - the problem is, the terrain rises up from south to the north.


Now, as you can see on the image, if I would use erosion without any selection or masking, WM would erode everything, including the ground (see light-green lines)

I need a way, to direct erosion in a "diagonal line" across the terrain (see blue, dotted line).

Now - how can I get there?

Kind Regards!
General Discussion / Please add HTTPS Support !!!!
July 29, 2019, 05:51:43 am
I think it´s a bit crazy, to not have HTTPS Support going on for this site´s Login !!
... At least my browser (latest version of firefox an a PC) shows there is no protection for PW getting fishe d from the login.
So - let´s hire some coders and feed them with our ideas and make some money and get an awesome Terrain -Tool ;)
totally agree +1

but I dont think, this is going to happen. I guess TOR or others will be the future.

Guest Forum / Re: Sand Dunes
September 13, 2017, 11:27:20 pm
Nice work, well done  :)
Quote from: sundevildave on March 14, 2017, 10:07:03 am
Quote from: Onkelpoe on March 14, 2017, 01:25:48 am
great, thanks a lot for sharing !

Man, I really wish, we had such Tools at our hands or in an engine like unity or UE... but I guess this kind of tools
set small indie studio and AAA 100 man+ productions apart

Actually, at the PEAK of production, there were about 35 people (half in Paris, half in Budapest). For pre-production it was about 5 people (4 technical artists, and 1 programmer)

35 vs 1 or 2 people feels like 1 vs 100 , does not matter, hehehehe

what I was trying to say: they got people for programming own, custom shaders and tools and for brainstorming, skilled workers for every aspect or
software, they use. In smaller studios, you will not have that. Maybe 1 guy good in sculpting and maybe animating stuff, but no shader-programmer or something like this, you know? You can not cover every aspect at the same depth, that large studios can
great, thanks a lot for sharing !

Man, I really wish, we had such Tools at our hands or in an engine like unity or UE... but I guess this kind of tools
set small indie studio and AAA 100 man+ productions apart
Thanks for the hint ! I got Substance Designer, but it will take some time and nodes, to do this. Basically, you can do the same in GIMP or PS.
What I was looking for, was kind of "one-step solution" to get at least a decent base, to improve on...

I am not 100% sure, but I think I saw a solution, regarding WM - maybe a macro or a premade-TMD file.... but can not remember exactly  :?
hi there,

I think there was some kind of Macro or TMD-node file, that outputs a nice, stylized version of a WM-heightfield, that you can use as
a base to create an old scroll/parchment look, like this: https://fantcartographer.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/mockup1.png for example.

I looked and searched, but can not find it  :(

Does anybody have an idea?
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
March 02, 2017, 11:19:02 pm
Quadspinner and Stephen should merge their stuff and make Terrain generating great again ^^
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
March 02, 2017, 12:22:36 am
I got mixed feelings about the "return" of Stephen...

I´ve read his blog-post but still got a bad feeling about the situation: there is simply no excuse, to not write a one line sentence like "back in a year" or "taking a break", just to
keep customers informed and not leave them in the dark.

I understand the R&D thing, even if it not brings up tons of new features or even any fruits at all.

But then I would get WM 3 (a final release, no "Dev") ready as a free update for all customers, that bought 2.3.7. and upwards!
No need for all new features here, just a stable version with bug fixes and everything in it finalized!

I also would start to collect a most-wanted-feature-list (finally working with the community) and create a roadmap,

The new features from that list (WM 4.x) would be availible as paid updates again, but in a way, that if you buy a full release, every "point-release" of
it should be a free update. And no fancy "free updates for a year" bullcrap. That still feels like a total rip-off, because there were no updates in more than a year!!!

I dont see any of these things happen as of yet, so I will stick to 3rd party solutions or even other tools before spending money on WM, again.
Yes, please :)
I think Dax will host a GG forum, "comming soon TM"
heheh, yes that would be a neat feature! But I got no hope, we ever see this.. at least not in an acceptable timeframe
Just visit http://www.quadspinner.com/geoglyph/#modal-alert2 and click on the little, grey "?" next to "Support WM2.x/3.x Builds" ;)
I went on and install Geoglyph 2, will check rotator device - I really hope it can rotate things into place...
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
February 19, 2017, 11:48:09 pm
Well - this is really suprising news  :shock:
hmmm, maybe you´re right - I could do some rotation outside of WM - but I need to do it inside of WM, to really fine-tune position and rotations.
I do not know the exact angle to rotate, when outside of WM.

I got a really large main area, surrounded by mountains (all around)
The mountians are placed ok, but in some areas, there are gaps where you would fall off the map ;)

So I need that gaps to be closed. Instead of relying on rnd mountains to hopefully show up in the areas and cascade a lot choosers or combiners, I want to precisly place some hero mountains heightfields just right into the gaps so areas are 100% blocked.

Hey WFab,

from what I saw, Geoglyph 2 does have a "Rotator" Macro - so it must be possible somehow.

The use  (in my case) will be to bring in some mountains into an already existing "chain of mountains" that goes rouund an area.
So I need to somehow fine-tune the rotating / align things to make them fit.
So no way to do this?