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General Discussion / Re: best cpu for wm
November 01, 2014, 08:09:23 am
Quote from: gigigonzalez1988 on October 31, 2014, 02:46:33 pm
Well since remnant finally made voronoi and expander to also use muliple threads, and WM can build multiple devices at a time, id probably go for some cpu with tons of cores, perhaps an amd?

However, cores arent everything ofcourse, Intel has been king for single core performance for a long while now.

My i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz simply blasts away any of my projects.

Id probably go for an intel with 6 cores and HT especially so if WM isnt the only cpu intensive app youre going to use. I would also worry about memory usage tbh, without sufficient memory you will start to page to your virtual memory, which is not TOO bad if ya got an ssd, but still. It also depends on project size, my projects usually peak out at around 20 GB so i upgraded to 32gb memory.

Ofcourse efficient projects will use less. Like device sharing etc will really reduce this.

i dont reccomend an AMD 8-core (for heavy WM usage) although im using the standard version not the pro version so i dont think it even takes advantage of the power.. personally im upgrading when the haswell-E series i7's come out.
ok so i certainly cant afford to get the professional version of world machine and i don't have any need for it.. but i do like the idea of faster world build times... im working on an AMD 8 core and right now world machine isn't using more than 15-20% cpu utilization and it can take a Long time for my worlds to build... most of this time is spent on (usually) an erosion node thats got geological time enhancement enabled. so , im just not sure what to do in this situation, since like i said i just dont need the pro version .
well, i had a fair bit of erosion... as a matter of fact the entire thing built in like less than 10 minutes (if you take the erosion out of the equation..... it was 2hrs 40 mins for just one erosion node)
not sure if this is a bug or if my rig is just aging faster than i thought, but it seems my build times on an 8350 fx and 8gb of ram seem to be rather slow, and i noticed its not even using 2 threads (it says 1.6-1.75 depending on the build) if theres anything i can do to speed up my build times please let me know as i can find myself spending a bit too much time just waiting to build my world at a high enough res for me to get a good look at the output