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Feature Requests / Smaller BreakUp shape
December 07, 2017, 01:41:37 pm
Hi, I've noticed that we couldn't get smaller breakup shape in the Layout editor than 333m.  I was wondering if it's possible to add a feature to be able to use breakup shapes in the scale range of 10~100m?

WM seems to be great for huge geological span.  Our gameplay area is smaller and typically about 1kmx1km in size.  At that level, "breakup" shape in Layout Generator is un-useable.  I've tried making things 10kmx10km and then scale them 0.1x.  But that doesn't really create the correct erosion scale and such.


Hi, I found the following guideline in World Machine 2 User Guide page 33 in regard to Polygon and Line type:

"Vertex-based shapes support bezier splines for smoothly interpolating between each vertex. This is
slower to process but is often highly desireable to create smooth and complex geometry."

  I took it that it means I can adjust the vertices of both Polygon Shape as well as the Line Shape.  And indeed I can.  In Line Shape, I can adjust the height of each vertex by right clicking the vertex, and select "Enter Precise Value".  This allows me to not just adjust the Line shape in top-down 2-dimension, but also height in 3-dimension, creating a sloping Line shape.

  Currently, I am not able to do so with Polygon shape.  WM allows me to turn the shape into bezier shape and adjust each vertex just like Line Shape.  It also allows me to "Enter Precise Value" for each vertex.  However, entering those values has no effect on the vertex height of the Polygon shape.  For example, imagine if we make a Polygon shape of a triangle at the value(height) of 512m.  Then select one of the vertices and "Enter Precise Value" a value of 300m.  You would expect the Polygon triangle to slope downward from 512m to 300m at that vertex.  Instead, the Polygon triangle shape will remain flat at 512m.

  I was wondering is this expected behavior, or is this a bug?


General Discussion / New_to_WM: Set height restriction?
November 06, 2017, 06:14:41 pm
Hi, I'm new to World Machine.  I have a general question in regard to integrating WM workflow into Unreal4 I was wondering if WM veterans can advice?

In general, most workflow tutorials that I've found is to generate terrain/landscape from WM first, and then import into Unreal4, and goes from there.  I was wondering, what if I would like to do this the other way around?  What I meant is starting a rough Landscape from Unreal4 first, export the height map to WM, run through all sorts of filters, and then re-import the new result back into Unreal4?

More specifically, this is the problem that I ran into:  I would like to create a very rough layout from Unreal4 based on game design need, bring it to WM, do stuff, and then back into Unreal4.  Visually, this workflow is doable and I can roughly control where I want specific terrain features.  However, because of game design needs, some sections in the rough Unreal4 draft needs to be at fairly precise game-play height.  With WM, most of the filters and generators really wants to drastically modify the heights (as it should be). 

So perhaps my workflow is wrong and I should just let WM does what it wants to do and adjust game design accordingly.  That being said, I was wondering if your WM veteran artists have use the workflow as I described and has a methodology to control the final gameplay heights from WM filters?  The height doesn't have to be super-precise because I understand that defeats the point.  But can it be control into a reasonable range, so that the WM final looks more like a detailed version of the original rough input in terms of specific terrain features, so that any gameplay already designed can still work?