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Ok, so the main principe is making geometry in WM, then make different masks such as  Follow map, wear map, deposition map and Height selection mask, Select Slope mask, Select convexity mask and then use different materials to these differents masks?
Yes, we can play with colorize, trying different color tables, gradient ramps, make result a little bit better but actually result is not far from the beginning renders. It seems it is very difficult to make good render and find good gradient ramp in WM or Geoglyph and need to export to some other applications for render, Vue, UE4, 3d max, and use more interesting materials then just gradient ramp.
Guys, Could you tell me please
The best way to texture in WM is Geoglyph, because of color satelite table,
Actually as I undesdand the one way to make good render is find good gradient ramp, so it is the best in Geoglyph we have 100 color satelite tables,but I have try every from 100 and result is not natural, then I try to use gradient ramp from file with mountain pictures, it is not good too, then i have use different colorize for Colormap, Flow map, wear map, deposition map to use different gradient for Colormap, Flow map, wear map, deposition map but the result the same, texture is not good, it is just flat images which far away from good render.
Could you tell me please What is wrong with this technique?
We have cool mesh and we use for this mesh best color gradient  ramp but result is not natural, for example we use Vegetation Hypercomplex,  or Desert Arid Complex or Coastal reef somple and any other from 100 gradient ramp look does not natural, we can see it at the pictures, from Geoglyph color satelite table, but other 100 the same like these,  it is far away from good gradient ramp, maybe is there some other way then just use gradient ramp, may be it is not need just to use colorize and choose one of these 100 gradient ramps? In all tutorials from Digital Tutors, Lynda, Creekatplay, show only basic render with some simple gradient ramp.
Maybe we just need to get color map, masks Flow map, wear map, deposition map and splat map and make mask selections with Height select and then use these masks in 3d max, or in UE4 to paint it in natural colors? Or maybe we can use Substance Designer just to try many times to find good gradient ramp? Or if we just use some gradient ramp, some color table so picrures like these and with more or less better colorize is the maximum quality for  WM and Geoglyph and should use Camera Projection to make better result or export to Vue and use procedural materials for WM in Vue for example? But it can't be so render WM and Geoglyph looking just so simple gradient ramp colormap. I think maybe everybody makes a few maskx, splatmap for different heights, flow map, wear map, deposition map and the use this maps to use another textures but almost no information about that in all tutorials just simple gradient ramp, and it looks not very interesting. Must be some tips and tricks to good texturing in WM.