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October 17, 2019, 04:00:42 am


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Thank you for the reply, WFab, it caused me to re-think my entire strategy.  I did some experimenting with Bias/Gain, multiple selectors, but no change.  It turns out, the Clamp node that's used to Normalize the terrain was the culprit (there is a warning that comes with the node referencing tiled builds).  Is there a substitute for the Clamp/Normalizer that works with tiled builds?  Now the terrain is relatively flat compared to Normalize turn on. 
Hello WM'ers,
   So I have this annoying 'artifact' / 'ghosting' thing happening on my Output masks that I'm importing into UE4.  The issue is clearly with WM and not UE4; I only attached the UE4 screenshots to further illustrate the issue. 

First pic, as you can see, the ghosting is occurring to the right of the main mask. 
Second pic is screenshot in UE4.
Third pic is screenshot of overhead in UE4.
Forth pic is a screenshot of WM Device View.

I have been working with this for about a month now, and just can't seem to pinpoint the origin.  I've tried multiple output methods, starting over from scratch, I even deleted and reinstalled WM, all with the same results.    If you have had this issue and fixed it, or have some insight, please advise.  Thank you for reading.