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Feature Requests / When tile blending is 0%, skip it
March 29, 2018, 05:48:16 am
I noticed that even when I have tile blending at 0% (it's a previously generated heightmap im dicing up) it still does a blending pass which takes a while. Can this be skipped all together if it's at 0%?
It would certainly make sense. The last remaining thing for WM to do is to shift to GPU acceleration, which is ideal for heightmap manipulation.

As a side note, I've rolled my own terrain generator using OpenCL and its fast as hell. I'd love to help out doing any OpenCL porting :)
Geology and Terrain / Re: Terrain from Photo
June 03, 2009, 04:43:23 pm
Use Layout to get the basic shape/massing of the terrain, and apply filters to it to match. It won't be perfect because all terrain is unique! But you'll definitely be able to mimic the terrain type and features you're trying to match.
Quote from: Nav on April 29, 2009, 05:12:43 am
actually I wonder when we will have the ability to generate erosion on more than a height basis..most of the things with the erosion i have problems with is the steep angles where its trying to make a overhang but cant go past 90..maybe one day we can do this with worldmachine

Maybe one day WM will work in voxels rather than heightfields ;)
I'd have it just as part of the normal workflow, maybe with a toggle in the preferences. The cache files could then be saved seperately as "projectname_nodename.cache" or something.
Excellent - thanks for the workaround :)
Awesome! I don't suppose I could get a build could I? I had to restart WM every 2 minutes last night just so the output was right :(
Feature Requests / Re: Color Bitmap output request
April 02, 2009, 06:23:18 pm
Yeah I noticed that! That gets rid of quite a few steps! Now all I need is the 8bit output :)
Feature Requests / Color Bitmap output request
April 01, 2009, 06:14:40 pm
I'm using WM2.1 Pro 64bit with Unity 2.5 and it's absolutely fantastic, however I was wondering if the output from WM could be altered/given more options:

-Different resolution than the heightmap (usually doesnt have the +1 either, so 512x512 rather than 513x513).
-8bit PNG
-RGBA format, as in feeding it a red, green, blue and alpha channel that is then used as a mask. I can do all of this now except for the alpha output.
Add a height selector and use it as a mask for something. Change the height selector parameters. The only way to get it to update is to restart WM (using pro 2.1, 64bit).
General Discussion / Re: Making roads
August 05, 2008, 05:35:33 am
Use a slightly blurred version of your road to mask a blur on your terrain. Done.
As in the title. Using Photoshop CS3.
Feature Requests / Small inconsistency
July 23, 2008, 04:27:10 am
Between Select Height and Select Slope - Select Height you can type in the falloff, Select Slope you can't. That is all.
I tried to start a larger world today, and started off with large world extents (10,000 km ^2) to map out continents. I found these problems:

1) You can't manually scroll-wheel zoom out in Layout view anywhere near this size, but "Zoom to extents" works. If you try to zoom from here you pop into that limitation again.

2) 3D view doesn't cope with this well at all, 2D view is fine.

3) Perlin is capped at ~122km and Adv Perlin at 256km, so it was hard/ a bit too small to use to make my continents. Ideally they might visually have a higher and upper cap, but you should be allowed to type in anything.
Feature Requests / Lift some of the number caps!
July 12, 2008, 04:19:18 am
You can't go above 8192x8192 pixels for a normal, non-tiled build. Fair enough, but some others are a little restrictive:

1) Tile Output -> Tiles per side capped at 64x64, could you raise this to 256x256? I want to keep my tiles at 256 pixels but want a 64km world.

2) Perlin - you can't go lower than 600m feature size, should allow numeric input so you can type in whatever you want, including say 1m!

3) Voronoi - same deal, you can't go below 125m, should be able to go lower (even 10m would do).

Advanced Perlin has the idea! You can go to 8m.
According to the user guide, I should refer to this for certain information - where is it? Specifically, I want to know about tiled output blending %.
I uninstalled and reinstalled and the curves tool still isn't there. I reinstalled from the downloaded install dated the 9th of this month.
Just staying still or when moving around? It makes sense that it's that high if you're moving around and its drawing tiles.
Load that BMP with a loader, add a layout generator, add a combiner, combine them, lock the preview on the combiner, go into layout mode and trace away. This *should* work.
On that terrain height and operator behaviour point, i've made liberal use of normalize(clamp)->operator->reclamp, especially for coastal erosion.