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Hi everyone long time no see.

I'm working currently on a very large terrain comprising of 2500 color images using a total disk space of 8.3gb
The import is fine as far as getting the tiles in but output is extremely slow.

I would love it if you could add multithreading to the tiled file input node if its possible.

Development News / Re: 2.3 Beta-3 Available
June 03, 2012, 03:52:47 am
Is there a list of changes somewhere? Also any new features planned for 2.3 or is mainly functional improvements?
Development News / Re: 2.3 Beta-3 Available
June 01, 2012, 04:32:34 pm
Ive been away but will get a chance to test drive this next week :P
nice nice:) And hello:)
Development News / Problem Event Name:BEX64
June 07, 2011, 07:11:19 am
Ive just started the beta for the first time and I get the error   Problem Event Name:   BEX64  on trying to open one of the project i just had up and running prior to the beta..Ill be rolling back till I hear something..I cant give you the file though as there are too many file inputs to include.  Any chance we can have a non update style beta so that I dont have to install uninstall?  I know the error doesnt say anything except that Beta crashed oh dear..but ill try and make a file that has less in it but still has the problem..sorry middle of production right now kinda crazy here.
General Discussion / Re: Using real world models
February 04, 2011, 06:24:37 am
Global mapper is also great for loading DEM's as well as allot of other formats then being able to convert this to .ter files for WM.
Feature Requests / Re: mesh + displace map export
January 18, 2011, 05:18:55 am
I think for me UV space is important because then I can cut out having to open up 3dsmax to generate uv space for an exported mesh.  I'm not sure how others manage the mudbox/worldmachine flow but for me its consists of exporting a mesh from worldmachine..importing into 3dsmax to generate the planar mapping then exporting again to mudbox..then exporting maps from mudbox...when I get one step wrong I have to start over..
Feature Requests / Re: Wacom Tablet
January 14, 2011, 02:51:00 am
Awsome thanks:)
And maybe a better view of this from the top
Trying some break up....think of the colors as masks for textures for use in game..lots of close up surface and color variation..
Feature Requests / Wacom Tablet
January 13, 2011, 03:21:13 am
Being able to properly use my Wacom tablet with worldmachine would be great, currently I have to use another mouse for the clicks as worldmachine doesnt like the clicks of my wacom tablet. I use worldmachine sometimes for 12 hours in a row and my arm can get pretty sore while using the mouse all day..please its a standard device for an artist to use and I would greatly appreciated it..and Im sure others would to. 

I guess I should mention that the main problem I have is connecting nodes..when I click in the node conection 99% of the time a new conection wire is not made and also the right click to let go of a node wire takes quite a few clicks.  Ill try and describe it more if you need it.
A DEM is  a "Digital Elevation Model"..which is what your png file is..and even if its a very high res image mostly they will have small square artifacts like you have..what Remnant said is basically what I thought and should be the answer.  If the image is a png you can try to resize the image in photoshop by using bicubic interpolation to get rid of the squares..but a little bit of Gaussian blur in worldmachine should also work.  Basically you have to get rid of the square artifact's before you start to add nice effects like erosion or it will get carried down the device chain..sometimes though those squares add for some interesting interaction between the erosion.
Sorry but my net is a bit slow tonight so I cant download the file..but!

Is that all done with noise generator like Advanced perlin? or did you use a DEM?  Sometimes I have found with DEM's that you have to blur them a little so that the square artifacts don't get carried through the rest of the device chain. 
That's what it looks like to me:/
Bug Reports and Help / Re: Resolution & Worlds
May 07, 2010, 12:11:59 pm
When I did lots of 16k terrains I also noticed a difference with the erosion device.  Constantly when rendering small 2k regions of a water fall I noticed that the water fall looked different when I rendered out the main extents at 16k.  To me it seemed like also the noise functions change in shape or seed value.  I didn't think this was an error but more that the tiling system cant predict the noise in different tiled regions?
I have a problem in creating banked corners for a race track from within worldmachine.  Problem is that splines don't yet allow for rotation angles at various spline vertex postions.  I can create these banked corners from within a 3d program and then do a zdepth render pass ..but that doesn't seem to me the best way to create maps for this current project in a repeatable way.

In the future to use worldmachine for this project I would like to see the incorporation of splines that allow for angle changes.

Ive attached a file to better describe the problem.

I am also aware that I can do this via combining splines with circles..but it doesn't provide so usefull especially when dealing with complex combine functions of various noises..
General Discussion / Re: EXPORT
April 06, 2010, 02:25:06 pm
There are not so many option for UV mapping in Wm as I understand.  In fact I dont know of one single terrain app that really does any kind of mapping for you.  Most exported terrains work independent of UV's by applying side projection and lots of other fancy stuff. 
Feature Requests / Re: Overhangs and crevices
March 09, 2010, 02:46:08 am
Thats no easy task..even though I was thinking of asking Remnant to start working on somthing simple..like a version of WM but to work on meshes..starting simple then growing as worldmachine did.  There is one application that allows noise to be applied to a mesh and its made by Voxelogic..but its not soo easy to use...To me max is not the right app for for 3d noise I would rather use mudbox or zbrush to get the surface detail..or consider using terragen and rendering out faces of an overhang to be applied as a projection map..but yeah as to date there isnt anything I know of.

but here is the link to the Voxel stuff...http://www.voxelogic.com/
Geology and Terrain / example files for terragen
January 20, 2010, 03:14:04 pm
I'm just getting my head into some realistic renders using terragen and I'm pretty frustrated setting up surface shaders the way I want.  The thing is I can make all these blends pretty good in  wm but not yet in terragen.  I wonder if any of you have some example files using flow map masks and some clip files that are set up to mimic what you can do in wm? ..i Hope you get what I mean.

Hey thanks monks..yeah it was alot of work but worth it in the end..can't wait to make some more soon:)