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July 17, 2019, 08:17:10 pm


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General Discussion / Scaling bitmap before output
May 31, 2019, 07:19:43 am
Is it possible to scale bitmap results before outputting them? My heightfield is 2160x2160 but I'd like the bitmaps I output to be 2048x2048.
I'm running a large build and it's warned me that it'll have to page to disk.

However I'm now at the most intensive part and this is what my process list looks like:

It's clearly not running as hard as it could. Also it paged a GB to disk and it looks lot like there was no reason to (I'm running 32GB of memory right now, so quite a lot remains in this shot).

This is standard edition. Is it CPU-restricted?
I'm a big fan of using subdivision on terrain in games for increasing their resolution and adding a certain feel to the terrain. Although it's more space-efficient to do it on load, for small terrains it'd be much easier for me if World Machine supported subdivision upon export. Please consider adding it!
Not sure if it can do it since I'm stuck in the middle of a 20 minute build, but I'd quite like to avoid having to redo it all just because I quit WorldMachine. Honestly, size isn't a problem when it's killing 20 mins just to see how a blur at the end of the node tree came out.
Hello! I'm a little late to the update party.

I purchased WM2 Standard when it was released and received a Kagi download link. This link has since expired - how do we acquire the new installer for the standard edition?

Edit: whoops, my bad. I was using the World Machine 1 download link, which I upgraded from. The proper WM2 link worked fine.