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June 20, 2019, 08:56:38 am


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Is the Terrain Altitude just for preview purposes in World Machine and not actually affecting the exported heightmap? 

For example, if I change the Terrain Altitude to 3000m and export out the height map (TIF) and view it photoshop I see the exact same heightmap (white levels) if I were to change the altitude to 1000m and rexport out the heightmap. I would have expected the 1000m heightmap to have much lower white values in the heightmap, yet they are identical. The only way I can change the actual exported heightmap white values is to either change the elevation in a perlin noise or by using a clamp.

You can quickly visually see what I mean if you switch the preview window to 2D, grayscale, and then adjust the terrain altitude slider. There is no change. However, in the 3D view you will see the change.

Is this as intended? just curious
Hello all,
I've search previous posts and cant find an answer. I've tried exporting out a 16bit TIFF file from WM and bringing it into Photoshop CS4 and I'm getting a weird result and cant figure it out. The thumbnail of the TIFF file shows correctly, however when I bring it into Photoshop it looks like the attached image; all messed up. Checking the Image>Mode in Photoshop show the file has the 32 bit checked. Weird!

I also cant seem to get Photoshop to recognize a Raw16 format, says it doesnt recognize that type of format. Though an 8bit RAW works fine.

It seems like the only type of 16bit format I can get to work is PNG.

Any ideas?

I found an earlier post about this http://forum.world-machine.com/index.php?topic=1617.0 and I'm trying to achieve the same shape, but the solution was to apply this to one "mountain".

I'm looking to do this for an entire map on a bunch of rolling hills or sand dunes that have shear cliffs or sharp falloffs on one side.

Any suggestions on how to do this? I can get the rolling hills look and the sand dunes, I'm having a hard time getting that sharp falloff on the one side of it.

Heres a couple of pics of what I'm trying to achieve:

Geology and Terrain / Sheer rock mountain help
August 30, 2013, 12:19:41 pm
Hi, I'm looking for tips how to create a mountain with giant sheer rock faces without too much erosion. I'm looking to get the big, exaggerated, sheer rock faces on the mountain, similiar to what you see in this pic:

I messed around with WM and I got this far, i'm pretty close, I was wondering if any one had some other ideas to get the shape i'm looking for. Any tips on devices or how to reduce noise in the Erosion device would help. Thanks!

Hello, is there a way I can export out a flowmap without having to use the erosion device again on my terrain?

I have created my heightmap in world machine, brought it into the game engine, made some changes to the height with the game editor tools, and now I need to bring it back into world machine to redo the colormap to bring into photoshop and I need the masks from the flow/wear/deposition map from the Erosion device without having to re-Erode my map.

Any help would be appreciated.