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General Discussion / Overview problems
January 01, 2015, 04:37:16 pm
When i am in Overview, my file input image is a large white image with rounded corners and some color bands around the outside.  What am I doing wrong and how do I fix this?
Hi guys,
I have made out lines of Ultima Online in World Machine, but when I try to create a map I get the white box background.  I could use some help.
My intent is to make a map of Ultima Online in a full scale model of what it would look like in real life and real scale.
I wanted to up grade from standard to pro and was hoping to hear a deal or two. Oh well.
I am attempting to build Ultima Online using World Machine.  I plan to shortly upgrade to pro version for use of the Tile Map ability.  I have a map where I outlined all the land masses, and started contouring and creating an more realistic size and geology.

My problem is, my current map is bit smaller, where I would like it 4x bigger.  I have the main landmass as one object, and each main island as their own.  So, any suggestions on making everything 4x larger?
I have attached a file.
What I am trying to do is take an island with about 12km drop off, and change an inlet and a lake falloff to something else.  I tried a few things and it isn't coming out right. Any suggestions?
While working with World Machine, I noticed that I was having problems keeping a sense of scale.  How do you guys keep your sense of scale?
Bug Reports and Help / Noise not constrained to mask
April 04, 2013, 01:02:05 pm
Hello again,  I made an island hooked it up to an Advanced Perlin noise generator,  but when I view it in 3D view the noise is covering the whole map not the enclosed masked area.  What am I doing wrong, I can't see any difference from mine and your tutorials or demo's.
Hey, I am in need of a quick project from someone who can take a photoshop image I have save and put a few mtns and a coastline onto it.  It is for a prototype game so detail isn't needed.  I am just not getting the hang of this World Machine program.  Let me know and we can discuss the terms.
Hey folks, I have been playing with World Machine for the past couple of weeks.  I am trying to take a rough Photoshop map and import it into World Machine.  The map is sharp edged black and white map.   I have tried using .PNG and .TGA with varying results.  Also I am not getting how to specify where I want to modify the terrain, do I go to layout and use Layout Shapes as my area of influence?

I would appreciate any suggestions.
Hello folks,  I am trying to import a .raw file from photoshop that is a basic heightmap for a map outline.  Problem is, when I import it, it is very tiny inside of World Machine.  Any suggestions how to fix this?  The size I need is large, about the size of United Kingdom.  I am taking the Ultima Online world and expanding it 6X larger. 
Here is my file from Photoshop of the .raw file that I am trying to import.

Thanks for any help!