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Macros and Plugins / Colorize & Colorizer devices
November 27, 2015, 03:21:33 am
Hi all,
I'm confused..............
Oh, I suppose I'd better give you some more information.............
Serious cap on:
I'm relatively new to WM and know the Colorizer device; the one with that uses gradients to colour areas of the terrain - found within the Converter devices.
But when looking inside some macros (Extended overlay, for example), there is also the Colorize device which has two colour inputs.
I have not been able to find any discussion/information regarding the Colorize device other than it is a Converter device; well, not, it's not - as it's not found there (or anywhere else, for that fact)..........
To further compound my confusion; when you open the Colorizer device, the title for the device is "Colorize".............. The Colorize device has the title, "Colorize properties"..............
The online device reference lists the Colorize in amongst the Converters (but it's not present in the actual program); there is no mention of the Colorizer device which is in the actual program converters section.....
My main reason for asking this question is I want to find the two-colour Colorize device so I can use it in my texturing workflow (when I manage to develop one.......).
Can anyone clarify this for me?
Hi all,
This post is essentially addressed to Remnant as it relates to an earlier post in which he offers to share a fantastic example world for using the Snow Device:
QuoteI actually have a fantastic example world  for using the snow device for a snowy peak; it uses a currently unreleased device but I will see if I can modify it and post it to this thread soon.

Post entitled "Snow" by Troedel back on Sept 19, 2012

@Remnant; whatever happened to the snow world illustrating the snow device's usage that you were planning on posting here?
I know it's been a couple of years since this post, but the need is still here............................
The post that I am referring to is entitled "Snow" by Troedel and was posted back on Sept 19, 2012................
I also replied to the OP but as it's over 2 years old, thought it prudent to make a fresh post............
Hey all,
I am still relatively new to WM2 and have been trying to output a certain map that I can preview (both 3D and 2D) using the preview output parameter within WM2, but when I write the output to disk I get a totally different map.
I have added 4 attachments:-
Snow Mountain v3 - Device view is, well, the device view of my project (don't worry about all of the outputs; I'm exploring what each does...).
Snow Mountain v3 - 2D output of Snow device is the map I am trying to generate - remember, this is just a screencap at 1000x or so pixels...
Snow Mountain v3 - 3D output of Snow device is just the preview of the terrain viewed within WM2.
Snow Mountain v3 - Snow Device Heightfield Output is the output I am obtaining when I write the output to disk.

Why is the preview shown within WM2 so totally different to the actual saved to disk output?
What am I doing wrong/is there another device/macro that I need to add to the Device graph (terminology?) to obtain what I am after?
I await the wisdom to come flooding in...........;)
Hey all,
I'm relatively new to WM; this is my first topic initiation.
I was wondering whether I am missing something regarding changing parameter setting in property dialogue boxes.
To use an example to make myself clear:-
The Advanced Fractal Perlin Generrator dialogue box has many available settings; most come with ether a drop-down menu or a slider.
However, many (all?) with a slider also have a numerical readout that can be highlighted.
Usually (comparing with other softwares), one can type in a numerical value rather than using the slider - to make changes more precise and/or to set a value higher than the slider can go (Vue, for example).
I discovered today (when I tried to return the Random Seed back to a previous value which I had copied to the clipboard) that this does not appear to be possible in WM ( Pro).
Am I missing something or is this how WM is set?
Thanks for any help..............