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General Discussion / Again problems with tiling
« on: December 04, 2015, 11:59:40 AM »
Hi there boys and girls !

I`m currently playing around with World machine and want to use it for my personal project. I have already tiled(in all directions) part that was created in Zbrush and now I want to add some extra details with few clicks and to export new terrain as height map as a goal. But since i`m not strong in WM I faced an issue and no coming solution for now. So the thing is I notices every generator in World Machine is not tileable. This for example It is not tileable obviously. My goal is to try to use WM in a way close to substance designer.
In order to be as clear as possible here is illustration with what I want

Before creating this topic I made a try to figure out by myself and my try was based on this topic
I have only one solution it to try this option but thinking it is too amateur option and will work not with all generators. Maybe erosion only(
Prefer some universal way.

  I belive if in theory input height map is tiled then and erosion must be tiled less or more. Small details can be fixes in Photoshop as option.
But if we have something more complicated where I should look for answers in that case?

Many Many thanks guys anв really hope for your help cos I stuck(
Bets regards?

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