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Bug Reports and Help / How can we edit the rivers altitude?
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:09:09 AM »

Hi, ;)
I have continent  with ocean, sea, montains etc. The sea level it's ~990 meters and the maximu sea depth it's -500meters.
I want to generate some rivers, thy come from the montains, and to that i have to set the high/altidute of the curve points. But it doesn't works the river stay at the same altitude.

Thank you.

In my project with a 8192 pixel resolution, it's crash if i compute several output at the same time. I have enought space and the folders are correctly define.

One by one it's works.

But some ouptut doesn't match with the other. The geography seem to be different.

Examlpe: the final hight map doesn't match with the flow map from the erosition.
May be the cause come from the other operator Thermal weathering and coast erosion . There are place after the erosition operator.But i don't think, the difference has to be an amount or a difference but for some regions it's like a translation.

So i think each rendering have one unique result. And if it's true, my question it is: how can i generate all the ouptuts separatly with the same geography?


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