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July 22, 2019, 06:20:11 pm


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Feature Requests / When tile blending is 0%, skip it
March 29, 2018, 05:48:16 am
I noticed that even when I have tile blending at 0% (it's a previously generated heightmap im dicing up) it still does a blending pass which takes a while. Can this be skipped all together if it's at 0%?
It would certainly make sense. The last remaining thing for WM to do is to shift to GPU acceleration, which is ideal for heightmap manipulation.

As a side note, I've rolled my own terrain generator using OpenCL and its fast as hell. I'd love to help out doing any OpenCL porting :)
Feature Requests / Color Bitmap output request
April 01, 2009, 06:14:40 pm
I'm using WM2.1 Pro 64bit with Unity 2.5 and it's absolutely fantastic, however I was wondering if the output from WM could be altered/given more options:

-Different resolution than the heightmap (usually doesnt have the +1 either, so 512x512 rather than 513x513).
-8bit PNG
-RGBA format, as in feeding it a red, green, blue and alpha channel that is then used as a mask. I can do all of this now except for the alpha output.
Add a height selector and use it as a mask for something. Change the height selector parameters. The only way to get it to update is to restart WM (using pro 2.1, 64bit).
As in the title. Using Photoshop CS3.
Feature Requests / Small inconsistency
July 23, 2008, 04:27:10 am
Between Select Height and Select Slope - Select Height you can type in the falloff, Select Slope you can't. That is all.
Feature Requests / Lift some of the number caps!
July 12, 2008, 04:19:18 am
You can't go above 8192x8192 pixels for a normal, non-tiled build. Fair enough, but some others are a little restrictive:

1) Tile Output -> Tiles per side capped at 64x64, could you raise this to 256x256? I want to keep my tiles at 256 pixels but want a 64km world.

2) Perlin - you can't go lower than 600m feature size, should allow numeric input so you can type in whatever you want, including say 1m!

3) Voronoi - same deal, you can't go below 125m, should be able to go lower (even 10m would do).

Advanced Perlin has the idea! You can go to 8m.
According to the user guide, I should refer to this for certain information - where is it? Specifically, I want to know about tiled output blending %.
I swear it used to do this. Maybe I was nuts or I've ticked an option but when I build this flow just to see it up to a point, it's calculating everything after as well.
What would be the best way to connect these isolated patches of water into rivers?

First, I am completely blow away with v2.0. Multi-threading and tiled output is one thing, but the other features and overall improvements make WM2 a force to be reckoned with. I also own L2DT and Grome, and both of these are at 2 opposite ends of the spectrum (almost totally procedural/automated vs. painting tools), and without a doubt, WM2 does a great job of bringing these two together. Last night I was sketching in details with lines and shapes where I wanted them, which previously you'd have to do in photoshop. Anyway, here's some suggestions for improving things which I might add to as I find stuff:

Improvements to existing
-More reliable numerical input. Type 10m or something in the water height field, it works fine. Now try typing something in the Advanced Perlin size field (top left of the panel).

-Coastal erosion seems to regard both angle and height, but not surface area. I was working on a swampy like terrain, but I couldn't use coastal erosion because it just made the terrain completely flat except for a few peaks, where I only wanted the "beach" to be a few m width. I had to normalize/expand it, add coastal erosion, and then reclamp it. Howcome I can't go below 0.05 in beach size?

-Add colour swatch next to "Show" toggle in the water level section, OR add Water Colour to the Set Terrain Color dialog.

-Simple mesh loader. Loads .obj files (most if not all programs can export to this). Would have scale mutliplier, position X,Y,Z and rotation. This would be used for people to place reference objects like the size of a person, and building placements that they intend to have, etc.
Geology and Terrain / Highly eroded cliff face
March 04, 2007, 03:36:10 am
This seems like the perfect job for WM's erosion, however its 99% vertical so WM's gravity is kinda 90 degrees the wrong way. Anyone have any tips as to how I might achieve this?

As the topic suggests, what is the best way to deal with large areas of terrain such as those in Oblivion, that end up being split into 1024x1024 areas (where 1 pixel = 1m) that maintain continuity between sections, etc. Would you do the whole thing in 1 project and somehow split and output out those sections or what?