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Bug Reports and Help / Layouts lost?
December 31, 2013, 10:56:14 pm
I just updated to wm from 2.2. All my layouts are messed up

when you load the file you will see a bunch of them stuck down on the lower left corner in layout view. Is there a fix for this coming soon or should I roll back to 2.2?
General Discussion / Where do I re-download WM 2.2?
November 12, 2011, 03:33:11 pm
I recently rebuilt my machine and I cannot find where I go to download 2.2 on the page.
General Discussion / Not building tile edges?
April 24, 2011, 04:30:34 pm
I am working on textures that are rectangular and the tile edges build adds HOURS onto the build time of a texture. is there a way to tell it just do nothing for them or at least do a blank texture for the tile edges?
Macros and Plugins / Lego filter?
July 19, 2010, 12:02:51 am
I remember this but IIRC it doesn't work in the latest wm, anyone have an updated version?
Ok, here is what I did, copy-pasted a macro, removed wire lines, removed the little colored group boxes.


Tried to load..

Crashes 100% of the time.

Things that were odd and may possibly related:
Wire points were not connected to the wires when I copy-pasted a macro. This left me with floating wire points. This is fine until I re-did the wire, at which point I suspect they were REALLY orphaned. Saved fine but when I reloaded the file it will crash wm2 every time.
I have lost hours of tweaks due to this bug several times today so I am making note of it.

when I right click a route point on a wire and tell it remove, then save some time afterwards, WM crashes.
When generating a non-square terrain you set it to only build certain tiles in your tiled build but whenever you have those empty tiled edges... say on a 2x4 map. It still builds that whole 4x4 and while I don't mind doing the extra operation to crop the image, the tiles are actually built making the texture build take near 2x as long and 2x as much memory. Is there anything that can be done about it?
Bug Reports and Help / Questions on erosion.
June 07, 2010, 04:30:49 pm
Because erosion has issues with tiled builds. I would like to know, how do I limit how far it spreads? Say for example:

When I attempt to get this level of erosion at cliff edges it bleeds over into the near by fields and things.

I have been experimenting with various masks but they are costly when we are talking large scale terrain. I would like to have the channels dig in but not go very far just stay and eat within a certain distance of the start of the erosion while still cutting deep.
I reported this is the past but it seems to have been forgotten/lost

I have tracked the pyramidal defects to possibly being noise generated by the random seed.

The sharp edges I have no idea why they are being generated. They sometimes move when the random seed moves but I am not sure that is the key cause.

Taken from the above file
This is new and rather peculiar.

Parts of the texture are coming out mosaic-ed

*side note: forgive the massive amount of threads, I am working on several maps for my game and I was doing a big push at the time of the update so I have many maps that have issues.  I will be posting source files tomorrow after my workout.
*sighs* I had so much hope for this new version. :?

when selecting a point on a layout object and setting it's individual height(for ramps and such) WM2.2 ignores it on polygons.

I tried using a line and it resulted in other oddities like setting heights on points I had not even selected.
Feature Requests / Tile merger app.
May 25, 2010, 01:38:34 am
I use wm2 for my textures and heightfields. However, it is fussy about when it feels like it wants to merge my huge textures.

So could you make an app that merges the tiles together Stephen? I don't mind doing like a 3X3 but when the number gets into 6X6 it becomes a real chore to merge.
I am not sure what the deal is but my hds have a more than a terrabyte free, no one hd has less than 318 gb free and I am running with 4 gigs of ram.

Durring build it will get so far and then just crash outright. is there any kind of crash log I can post for you guys?
Not the right term i am sure. but how can I achieve this?


The color table acid bleached world kinda does the badlands one but I have no idea how to pull that into the texture pipeline. I also do not know how to get nice dark strata lines(could probably use a custom color table but as I said I have no idea how to pull that data)
Ok, so WM2 has been working like a dream and I have been getting more and more bold.

Here is what the preview looks like:

The whole pipeline is green when compiling so I've no idea why the texture outputed looks like this:

the burn mark in the middle is there, the structures are to, but the mountains look horribly wrong. So I double checked the heightfield output that is produced..

(all images scaled down for thread.)
General Discussion / How to questions?
April 26, 2009, 09:16:27 am
I don't know if where to ask for general tips/tricks so I am posting here....

How do I make slopes look more like sedimentary rock deposits both texturally and  hightfield wise?

What is a good way to do dunes with the wavey sand? I remember a plugin from back in wm 1 but it wasn't very good.

any idea on how to make the roads have dashed lines down the middle or is that a job for my photoshop? Trying to reduce post process image editing

I am sure I will have other questions but right now i am just trying to hammer out some different techniques.
Bug Reports and Help / Tiling issue.
April 18, 2009, 03:40:17 pm
I am compiling a tiled output to produce a 10240X10240


always use current render extents
always output all tiles

tile resolution: 1024x1024
tiles per side: 10 X 10
blending percentage: 25%

Merge on
share edge verts 0n

but when I assemble them or merge them I notice that slopes have missing pieces, whole lines cut into the texture it is really odd.... here is a 1024X1024 (scaled down obviously):

What am I doing wrong?
So worldmachine randomly generates holes.. I am not sure why but in 3d view it is like someone carved random stuff out of the terrain. It is a royal pain in the butt.

I am not sure what causes it but I just bought 2.0(I guess 2.1), has anyone else experienced or conquered this oddity? It is most annoying.

on the heightfield they show up as a black hole. here is an example: