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Hello internet people!

!! UPDATE !!
Originally, I wanted a macro to extract high frequencies, manipulate them and then merge them with the low frequencies again. The High Pass didn't do that.
So I present: the Frequency Splitter! I has two outputs. One contains the low frequencies, the other the high frequencies. I also made a correponding combiner called Frequency Combiner. It uses the outputs of the Freq.Splitter to reconstruct the original terrain.

The Frequency Spliiter and Combiner enable you to change the look of the details of a terrain while keeping the original shape. For example, you can now invert the small-scale structure of a terrain! Try and do that without a macro. :) You can even use multiple Frequency Splitters to split your terrain into more heightfields, each containing a different band of frequencies!

As usual, you can download it from my World Machine page or directly:
Download FreqSplitter.dev
Download FreqCombiner.dev

The original post:
I made a macro that extracts the high frequencies from a terrain (i.e. small features like rocks) and supresses low frequencies (hills, mountains).
It can be found on my macro page or you can download it below.

Here is a screenshot:

To the north you can see the original terrain itself. The further you go south, the smaller the radius of the filter and the smaller the frequencies that pass the filter.

It's no perfect high-pass filter but close enough in my opinion.

Download: High-Pass.dev

PS: If you run Blur afterwards you get a band-pass filter.
Macros and Plugins / Faster Blur
October 08, 2008, 03:48:53 am
I made a macro to fill the gap between uniform and gaussian blur: Hybrid Blur
You can get it on my website: http://nkblog.nkdev.de/?page_id=446 it's at the bottom of the page.

It's supposed to be faster than gaussian blur but without the artifacts uniform blur creates. Here is a comparison of the two existing types of blur and my macro:

The results are better than I thought and it's 35% faster than gaussian blur!
That's probably not a relevant speed-up for small terrains built on fast multi-core machines, but in certain cases (large terrains, lot's of blurring, slow machine) it can save you some time.
Having used a 650MHz pc myself, I know that blurring can in fact take long enough to wish you had a faster blur device :)

edit: btw this implements filtering with the triangle function. (As opposed to gaussian and uniform blur which use the gaussian and rectangle function respectively)
Macros and Plugins / Macros moved to new site
September 14, 2008, 10:08:52 am
I was recently reminded that all my macros formerly hosted on ashundar aren't online anymore, so I moved them to my own webspace with screenshots and short descriptions in english and german:

I've also taken a quick look at each one to ensure they will work in WM2 and redesigned parts of them in some cases. The behemoth called Glacier 1.2 in particular has lost about a third of it's devices and should run much faster and with less memory consumption now. They all have nice icons too so you can include them in your macro bar!

Plus: I added three previously unreleased macros!
Dunefield - a generator for dunes. This one has been waiting on my hard drive for more than a year! I couldn't release it before because it wouldn't run on WM1.25 due to a bug.
Smooth Layout removes some of those edges that occurs at the bends of layouts.
Coastal Overlay creates a simple overlay for coastal regions. I applied some kind of fake ambient occlusion in the shadows.

I hope they can make life a bit easier for you :)


Update 10. Feb 2011: New link replacing the less descriptive http://nkblog.nkdev.de/?page_id=446
Macros and Plugins / Glacier Macro (Update 8/10)
June 10, 2006, 06:13:21 am
Update 2:
The new version can be found here: http://nkblog.nkdev.de/?page_id=446 and contains some significant improvements:
- Erosion now has to be done outside the macro
- removed a lot of devices that weren't necessary anymore (splitters) or didn't have a big enough impact to justify their existence
- The adapter is gone - you'll be able to handle this stuff yourself :)

old posts:

I tried to improve the macro..
- better control over the shape of the glacier
- better mask output, own structure can now be applied easily using a combiner, mode: "multiply"
- less devices/memory used
- includes an adapter macro to use your own terrain instead of heavily eroded one the macro creates

I called it b(beta) because its hard for me to test it due to the extreme (low) speed of my pc. :?


Here it is as promised in the geology thread.
It isn't perfect or absolutely realistic, but it does a quite good job. At least I don't now of a macro that does the same better. :mrgreen:
(if such a macro exists , I'd really like to take a look at it :) )

(edit: for standard edition only)
As the name implies - it is a generator based on Voronoi.
If you take a look into the macro, you will notice that it doesn't differ much from the technique perlin uses.

But with voronois, the results are absolutely different. And I'm not talking about some abstract freak heightfields - VoroNoise can produce quite realistic results.

Can be found here (as usual): > pfs <
edit: http://nkblog.nkdev.de/?page_id=446

ps: the sharpening macro has been updated and gives standard users much more control now!
Macros and Plugins / Sharpening Macro
January 16, 2006, 11:33:40 am
Last night, I built another macro.
After several attempts, spending some hours, I finally managed to find a suitable method of sharpening.
An improved version for standard users will be coming very soon.

It can be found at ashundar, as usual: > pfs <
edit: http://nkblog.nkdev.de/?page_id=446

Comments and suggestions appreciated  :D
General Discussion / Device Reference - Translation
January 10, 2006, 03:34:45 am
Since there is already a manual in german it would be nice to have a german device reference too.
So, I'd like to translate it (the large .html page).

Is there already someone doing this?
Macros and Plugins / River Bed Macro v0.9
December 28, 2005, 10:01:23 am
I built another macro. It is quite large and shouldn't be used with standard version, because standard provides devices, that can achieve the effect a lot easier.
I creates a river in a river bed. But it still needs some improvements, I know.
A little preview:

And the link to the macro: http://www.ashundar.com/plug.php?p=browser&f=519
Macros and Plugins / Vertical Terraces Macro
December 24, 2005, 05:31:33 am

I got a little macro for you. It is quite simple, but may be useful after some experimenting.
It creates vertical terraces, that run from the peaks of the terrain to its valleys.  8)
These terraces aren't immediately added to your terrain - you can combine them yourself with your terrain and maybe achieve some cool effects.
After all - it is still experimental.

edit: http://nkblog.nkdev.de/?page_id=446

Comments and suggestions are welcome!
General Discussion / Transformation in macros
December 04, 2005, 07:06:51 am
WM 1.2 comes with the ability to move the world created by a perlin noise north, east etc.  without affecting other perlins that might exist.
The same cool thing happens with gradients.

Question: Is there a possibility to influence the X and Y coordinates of a device that is inside a macro?
There are no parameter inputs for these yet.

I'm just building a crater macro using this feature and radial gradients.

btw: Sorry for always complaining.  :wink:
Bug Reports and Help / GUI bug?
December 02, 2005, 01:05:34 pm
I don't know if somebody else has already experiences this "problem".
WM displays hints (pale yellow boxes explaining a button)

But WM always shows the hint for the button the mouse pointed at before.

The topmost shot shows the normal behaviour.
The second shows how it "works" when WM is running. The hint for the Inverter is shown instead of the one for Displacement (the mouse isn't visible)
Even more strange: It also influences windows' gui (see 3rd shot).

I know this bug is not important at all, but I wanted it to be mentioned.  :mrgreen:
Bug Reports and Help / mask problem
November 30, 2005, 10:52:08 am

At first: I am an 18 years old mathematics student and just bought WM1.2 10 minutes after I opened the letter with my credit card.

I found a problem with the terrace device, but it's a general problem I guess.
I wanted the terraces only to be applied to specific areas. So i created a mask and connected it to the terrace device.
But: it won't work. I tried a different mask and still the terrace effect appeared all over the terrain.

Then I switched off memory conservation and it worked.
Soooo, i believe due to ram conservation, WM creates the mask, and then "forgets" it - in order to save ram.

Some screenshots: