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Feature Requests / Fourier Filtering
August 29, 2008, 01:09:47 am
Dear Remnant, this is not a proposal for next patch :D.

Currently I am fighting an uphill battle on Renderosity Vue forum in order to show people how to create sharp terrain renders using Vue standard terrains (Vue procedural terrains are much slower than standard ones so the speed advantage matters).

The core of the solution is to counterract Vue atrocious smoothing of the highest frequencies in the heightfield bitmap.

Currently, a modification of the sharpening macro does quite well but I found wondering... what if Remnant added Fourier filtering to WM? In this case it would be possiible to perform very precisely band limited frequency highpass which would obviously be better than the ad-hoc unsharp masking approximation.

What if?

I think I might have found a bug in the Basic edition of WM2.0.

I have created a series of networks, each in its .tmd, the the output of each stage is read back into the input of next one. I have set the Auto-refresh from file at every build option but apparently this flag it not honored. As last information, each .tmd is opened in a different instance of WM2.0, instances which I cycle appropriately, pressing the Build toolbar button.


If anybody wonders why, I was experimenting in having a cascade of networks, each with different resolution, the first being 32x32 and then 64x64, 128x128 etc, up to 512x512 for the last pass. Both L3DT and GeoControl perfom a successive refinement build process at increasing resolutions and I was trying to emulate this behaviour.