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Feature Requests / 3dconnexion support
July 08, 2008, 07:11:01 am
Please add support for 3dconnexion devices such as the Spacenavigator in the 3D Viewer interface and other parts of WM2, perhaps also the Device View would benefir from this when navigating around in large node networks. They have a sdk and support forum on their website which helps you with the integration.


/ Magnus
Hi everybody!

In the current release of World Machine Standard you can export your landscape in various 16bit+ formats, however they're not easy to load into any other program to convert to other formats such as TIF or HDR and so on so i could keep the 16bit per pixel data and avoid the typical stepping seen in 8bit data outputs from World Machine.

Please, i'd like it very much if we were able to output a range of other formats from World Machine Standard and not just these odd formats which very few programs can read, and those i found that can read it they can only output them in 8bit formats so atleast half the data is lost in the translation there. Better capabilities from within World Machine would mean better chance of creating highquality displacements/landscapes in many other programs for us users.

Thanks in advance :)

/ Magnus
General Discussion / Price of the new Pro version ?
July 28, 2007, 09:44:25 am
Hi everyone, my first post here :)

I'm already a happy user of the current Standard version but after reading the blog for a while about the new version in progress i'm interested in what the upgrade price will be for the new 2.0 Pro version.

Thanks in advance

/ Magnus