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August 20, 2019, 01:22:58 pm


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been using my trusty old 2.x version for some time now, but there are some features in the development that really interest me (especially the rivers). So I was considering to upgrade to the new 3.x licensing model. As I understand it, the original idea of the new licensing terms was to have a shorter release cycle, so people would (kind of) subscribe for a year and get several updates during that time. However, it seems to me that current development isn't following along, with the 3.x being in development for quite some time now. So I'm a little worried that I get a one-year maintenance license and never see an update during that year. Or would I be entitled to an official 3.0 release if I subscribe now, even if the release is coming after one year?

Oh, and any news when the rivers will make it into the dev branch? The latest posts about that were May-ish, is this coming soon?
Stephen is just too humble, others would have gone shouting about it...  :)

For everyone interested, the latest release (4.4) of Unreal Engine 4 comes with an example for large landscapes that made good use of World Machine - nice to get this visibility! While I don't think the shading of the terrain looks particularly good, it is still nice that WM is cited and used reallyreally often when terrain generators are mentioned.

So Stephen, good job, and keep it coming  8)

Bug Reports and Help / Non-weighted splatmaps
August 02, 2014, 07:25:04 am
I would like to get a WM splatmap into the CryEngine. Now, the CE doesn't use weight-blended materials for terrain layers, just a simple on/off flag per pixel. Which means I would have to convert the output of the Splatmap converter like the following

For every channel, output 1 if the channel contains the maximum value of all four channels, zero otherwise.

I have looked through the available devices but didn't come up with an idea on how to achieve this. Anybody else have a solution?
Some game engines create a normal map from an imported heightmap and use that for terrain shading. My gues would be that they do some sort of central differencing, where basically calculate a gradient from neightboring points.

Now: How does World Machine do it (normal map maker node)? Does it apply the same thing with the same resolution (meaning I wouldn't get any benefit if I create a normal map in WM if it has the same resolution as the heightmap)? Or is the precision higher than that?
General Discussion / Tiled build for non-square extents
February 25, 2014, 03:35:47 am
I have a non-square terrain that I want to generate tiles for. I'd like to create 14x12 tiles @ 1024 (which gives the same m/px resolution in x and y). however, the dialog always changes the "Tiles per side" to 14 and then the tile resolution to 1024 x 878.

Is there a way around this?
General Discussion / Fractal resampling device?
February 24, 2014, 01:05:43 pm
Is the new fractal resampling device/macro for importing DEMs already in the dev branch? I can't find it somehow.


in your blog about the new imports you mentioned new resampling methods, one of which applies a fractal detail noise. You also said this effect could be generated with a simple filter setup. While we're waiting for the new release  :D : Could you give an example how to set that up?

Bug Reports and Help / Roads via layout generator
July 04, 2013, 08:30:46 am

I am trying to model roads using the method proposed in another thread:

1) Create road shapes in layout generator.
2) Modify falloff etc.
3) Drop to surface
4) Wire heightfield into layout generator.

This works, I would prefer a different result e.g. at hillsides. Currently it seems the road is like a channel in the slope:

  /\      /
/  \__/

I would something like slope - plateau - slope:


So the required effect would be

- layout generator height where LG is at 1.0
- terrain height where where LG is at 0.0
- LG height (m) *LG strength (0.0-1.0) + Terrain height * (1.0 - LG strength)

However, I couldn't find a device combination that has this effect. Is something like that possible?


probably a silly question, but I can't find the answer...:

I import SVG shapes into a layout generator. Now it seems those shapes are drawn from the top left downwards. So when I import them, they are right below my terrain extents. Is there a way to (exactly) translate them to coincide with my terrain?
Feature Requests / Configurable tile numbering
May 23, 2013, 01:31:44 am
As discussed before, some game engines like Unity interpret the y axis differently from WM, leading to a flipped terrain after importing. Flipping the terrain before exporting works for a single terrain, but not for a paged terrain because the individual tiles are flipped.

It would actually help with this problem if the tile numbering scheme could be configured in terms of where the first tile should be. If I could specify that the (0,0) tile should be at the upper left instead of the lower left then (with y flipping) I could easily import paged terrain into Unity with correct orientation (I am using a Unity extension called TerrainComposer for the import which expects that order).
Bug Reports and Help / New cores not detected
November 14, 2012, 06:06:54 am

I used to have a 3-core processor, but have now upped the ante and am working with an 8-core. Howeve, WM still only works with a max. of 3 thread. I have tried reinstalling, but to no avail. Is there a setting or ini file somewhere to specify the number of cores?