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Feature Requests / mesh + displace map export
April 23, 2009, 06:50:20 am
sorry for my english first, because it is not my native language.

i think, it will be a great feature, if generated landscape can be exported as a pair: low poly mesh (like 256x256, but optional) + high resolution displacement map (like 4096x4096), thats apply over that lowpoly mesh.

it will be very useful, when used renderers like vray or mentalray, where displacement is fast and accurate, and we can interact with that lowpoly mesh, modify it, will be possible to apply that displace map via masks or something else...

what do you think, community? :)
hi to all.

first, sorry for my terrible english. :(

my first question is - how to use normal maps? it will be cool to create any tutorial about how to use normal maps from wm in 3dsmax.

and another one - it will be cool to create such feature as displace map generator. i mean if you have 4096x4096 lanscape, you can export 512x512 mesh (obj) landscape, and 4096x4096 displace map, so you can get little details when render via mental ray, vray or another powerful renderer