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October 14, 2019, 08:17:07 am


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I bought geoglyph and I'm running version 2.0.709.782.

Set terrain color and the colorizer do not show the 460+ color tables that are supposed to come with geoglyph.

Anyone have any ideas?

how long is this series of tutorials ?
Thank you Hotshot for the detailed explanation.  I will try those techniques out soon.  In my reading and viewing I found I could also use a LERP and a mask to control what is visible on the ground.  I have alot of work to do.

Cheers !
it seems i have mixed up my words.  I am also working in the UDK landscape system.
I have watched Wenda111287 tutorials on youtube.   


But I don't want to have to hand paint all of the materials on the landscape.  I would like to use the same masks that were created in his tutorial here:


I would like to apply my ground materials using these masks.  It seems very logical and straight forward, but I cant figure out how to do it.

PS.  if you havnt seen these tutorials definitely check them out , they are incredibly detailed and helpful.
Thanks Hotshot, you did an excellent job of not answering even one of my questions.  :shock:

Seriously though, I have created my terrain in UDK and applied a color map to it.  I want to apply rock, grass, gravel materials using masks instead of hand painting.
WM has produced some awesome masks for my terrain.  In UDK I want to use those masks for applying materials on the terrain.   Is there a tutorial available for that or is that what "UDK layers" macro is for.

If that is it I see that it only works with 2.3.   I have 2.2.   

Will my 2.2 map work in 2.3?

Thank you all.