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September 15, 2019, 09:36:10 am


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Hello to all,

after having watched lot of tutorials from geekatplay and youtubr, I decided it was time to me to build something from scratch in WM: some soft (but ridged on top and nicely carved) coastal hills and a small pluvial valley underneath.

I've studied like a mad. I'm ready to do that, I told myself.

Well...no I don't :D

First experiment results: a terrible-looking, dull and flat terrain

First of all, I think my network is damned complex for such simple layout. Perhaps some uneeded nodes?

Hills seems a bit up too rough to me, but if i power-up the erosion nodes, they goes disrupting and ending up in flatland.
At the end of the day, I was not able to soften them (in the valley-midland range) without loosing them.

The valley is way too large and make the terrain uninteresting. Perhaps I made a mistake in the Terrace or the Expander node, or in the Perlin generator?

Finally, the erosion. It leaves a weird set grain/spikes I was not able to control, and a sediment collapsion just below the higher ridges. It looks weird when applying a simple texture overlay.

I know there're very dummy question, but I really want to understand where are my mistakes. I definitively want to improve my skills :)

tnx in advance for any support!

PS I'm using 2.3.7 Basic

I've just starting experimenting with the basic version of WM and I would say that I love this piece of code (although I must say that the heighfield model is frustrating sometimes).

I've started experimenting a bit here and there and I prefer to have more control on placement for my "hero" mountains and hills instrad of a random template.

I got nice results with the mountain and I created some proxy hills using billows.

But TERRIBLE results when I tried to blend them together putting in positions and with combiner/max

I tried combiner/add, too, but I got at least two big problems: a. my mountain is not zero-edged a. The mountain top goes clipping.

1. Which is the best way to combine mountains and hills when they are generated separated (see references)

2. How can I mitigated the top spikes? They seems a bit too deep and unrealistic to me (see .tmb)

tnx for help and have a nice weekend!