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October 17, 2019, 04:02:01 am


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I am a bit puzzled by what they mean if they say they used a "custom worldmachine build" and computation took 12 hours "spread across 16 workstations" to render that 32k heightmap.
Do they speak of actual distributed rendering, or a rendering that is distributed via render manager or a script?
+1 for this.

We baked the maps with xNormal the last time we used WM terrains.
That did the trick, thank you  :D
Bug Reports and Help / Multimonitor - second window jumps
September 24, 2015, 07:42:50 am
I work with two monitors (WM 2.3.7): One with the device workflow, the other one with a second window showing the 3d preview.
When built, the 3d preview jumps back to the first monitor, leaving the second one blank. Any idea how to avoid this? Switching views does not help.
Distributed rendering and rendering on a farm are two different things: Distributed would mean that two or more computers are rendering the same scene at the same time. I understand that this would be difficult to do and would eat up much ram on the host machine. I know that some renderers manage to render huge images (i.e. vray or corona) with a distributed network of machines, but what about world machine? Maybe somebody could share some insight?

But it would be great if there was a "rendering edition" of world machine without the gui that could be used with a render manager software like deadline to send out scenes to the render farm. Very much like the command line editions of various renderers. Maybe it is possible that a tiled build could be distributed to several machines per tile. I could save huge amounts of time if it would be possible submit a world machine build job via deadline to my little render farm. Should not be very hard to do.