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Bug Reports and Help / Why can't I edit Ramp values?
February 05, 2018, 01:20:39 am
WM 3018/3019:

The Ramp node provides discrete values that can be changed with the slider. However I cannot seem to enter my own values into the edit field, every time I do this, the value gets reset to one of the slider values. For example it jumps from -120m to -264m and I cannot choose anything in between! Any idea?
Hi, I am importing a heightmap that is rather smooth and I want to add noise on the top of it, but without changing its shape.
There is the AddNoise device I can use, but this is providing a single type of noise, not very configurable. I would like to be able to add any type of noise and idealy arbitrary heightmaps. Is this possible ?

Update: found the answer, putting it here in case it helps others: the "noise" heightmap needs to be clamped so there is no dramatic highs and lows, then I use a Ramp node to move it just above 0 (it looks almost black in mask mode). Then using a Combine node in additive mode, I just have to add the noise heightmap to the surface I want to bump.
I got too many crashes manipulating shapes using the Layout view. I am not sure if we can expect any feedback from the WM team on those...
Bug Reports and Help / Re: Large tiled UE4 Import bad
February 04, 2018, 01:37:52 am
How do you import your terrain in UE4? As you are using a tiled build, you must use World Composition. You don't need to flip Y either in WM nor in UE4 import, just un-tick this box. To import in UE4 World Composition, leave the X and Y sizing at 100 (or you may use 200, 300, 400 but I'd suggest not to multiply too much else you'll have a very bad terrain resolution), you may want to increase the Z scaling a bit, like 2 times the X or Y factor. Once imported into UE4 World Composition, click the Summon World Composition button and you'll need to re-order the tiles: if you have 6 tiles, interchange the positions of x0_y0 and x0_y5 and so on (x0_y1 with x0_y4 etc.). This is working very well then, there is not gap between tiles and the terrain height looks just like in WM.
It's all in the title, I have frequent crashes of WM 3019 Pro when moving polygon vertices in the layout view. I have sent a crash report already.
So I realized the "world' we see in the Layout view is actually the one corresponding to the node currently selected on the left side of the Layout view, where we have all the nodes in a list. However, when i select some nodes, even though they are previewed in the 3D view, they do not display in the layout view. Why? Is this a bug?
Quote from: WFab on February 02, 2018, 12:29:09 pmyou can move the "device origin" inside the device settings. You can also set it interactively in layout view using "set" button near the origin values. This would move just the noise, not the extents.

Thanks a lot! I didn't know that, this will greatly help me in designing my terrains!
However I noticed this was not working everywhere, like on Geoglyph macro I can't see to be able to select an origin.
Well, what isn't clear ? Just create two types of noises and try to move one of them in the layout view without moving the other... if you can, please let us know how you do it !
(WM Pro 3019)
I have a graph starting with a heightmap (file input). When I use a layout generator whose input is connected to some node far inside my graph, i don't see any world in the layout view. If however I connect the startup heightmap node to the layout generator, I can see the world properly in the layout view. This is a problem because i want to see the altitude of some feature in the layout view after erosion or other nodes, and I just can't !

Update: actually even when connecting the input of the layout generator to the startup heightmap, sometimes it shows an empty world. I don't know the conditions to come to this situation though. Restaring World Machine fixes the problem (but not when layout node is connected to nodes far in the graph). This may be a bug I guess...
Nobody knows how to do this? This should be very basic to be able to select the area in the world we want to render. Even though I created several extents and several layout generators, I don't understand how I can render them all in the same graph and combine them.
Bug Reports and Help / Re: Disabling devices for building
November 30, 2017, 11:02:51 am
Thanks WFab, actually I thought B (Bypass) was the only way to disable a device, and this command doesn't work for a whole selection. But there is also a way to D (disable) a device, and this works for a selection. Cool!
Bug Reports and Help / Disabling devices for building
November 30, 2017, 05:49:24 am
Hi, I know the B key lets us disable a device for building, but how can I disable/enable multiple devices at once? Also how to disable/enable all devices from a group? When using large graphs, it is difficult to work on parts of the graph only as unless disabling devices one by one (which is a real pain), World Machine builds everything.
Hi, say I have two devices, one with perlin noise, one with voronoi noise. In the layout view, I want to pan the current extent to have the best area for perlin noise. Problem is the panning also applies to the voronoi noise, even if I create a new extent for this one. How can I move an extent on the layout view to affect a single device and not all devices? Thanks.
Hi, is there a way to prevent wires to stick to group borders (WM 2.3.7) ? This is creating a mess of wires that cannot be avoided even with re-routing. Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Geoglyph 2 issues
November 25, 2017, 03:18:06 am
To address 2. (lack of mask output from GeoColor), it is possible to use a Select Color device on the output color bitmap and generate masks from there, but this is not ideal...
Bug Reports and Help / Re: Map bitmap onto terrain
November 24, 2017, 06:58:28 am
Got it, this is using an Overlay View device, heightmap into first input and bitmap into second input.
Bug Reports and Help / Map bitmap onto terrain
November 24, 2017, 06:51:46 am
Hi, I am using Geoglyph GeoColor node which outputs a bitmap, how can I map this bitmap over my terrain into World Machine?
General Discussion / Geoglyph 2 issues
November 24, 2017, 02:36:07 am
Hi, since I am not sure where to post about Geoglyph, I am doing it here. I am using Geoglyph Pro with World Machine 2.3.7 Pro and have the following issues:

1. when using a Colorizer node, I can see the Geoglyph color tables as numbers only, there is no Geoglyph graphical interface to select them.

2. When using a GeoColor node, I need a Color Source input but I don't know what it is. I don't see any info about this in the documentation. Possible consequence of this, I cannot open the GeoColor node and have the nice Geoglyph interface...
Update: found out that when using a mask (like flow map) as color input this makes things work and I can access the GeoColor interface, so this is working fine. This device outputs a bitmap, however it would also be useful to output masks for the various features it is adding, else this is not of much use for game engines for example.

3. When using an Over Erosion mode, whatever mask I use as input, the effect is applied to the whole terrain.

I have contacted Quadspinner support but got no answer so far.... please HELP!!! :)

Note: I have already uninstalled/reinstalled Geoglyph just in case...
Macros and Plugins / Geoglyph GeoFlow
January 24, 2016, 11:27:46 am
Hi, I don't understand how to use the GeoFlow generator of Geoglyph 1.3. The doc says to use the flow data of a heightfield, but when I do that there is just no preview of the result (constant heightfield with cross). Anyone can post an example with nodes?
General Discussion / Re: Opinions on GeoGlyph?
January 24, 2016, 09:35:10 am
I have the $99 version. It is really great and useful, downside is the limitation to 4K outputs for the Indie version and single seat licence (very bad when working in virtual machine in addition to native PC). The $300 version doesn't have the 4K limitation but honestly, this is more expansive than World Machine itself :)