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May 25, 2019, 02:18:54 pm


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THANKS SO MUCH, I got like 15 gbs from it freed.
I am making a large tiled project, when I built it using tiled build and all, everything is fine, I have 8 Gigs on my hard drive still, Unfortunately I had to cancle this twice, which I had to delete other files after the first time to make room for it, so after trying to build it twice, I have delete approxamitly 12 gbs, and it shows it as full. SO WHAT I WANT TO FING know, is where world machine took up that hard drive space, as I've been looking with no luck, As for one I didn't actually get to export the maps yet as far as I know, as I only pressed the tiled build, SO where the hell is it at... I don't know if it cached it or what... but all I know is a tiled build it with the green butten with the screw looking thing, and it started building the 400 maps, then it said it ran out of disk space, cancled and bam my Hard drive is completly full...
General Discussion / Need help with tiles
May 01, 2017, 08:45:42 am
Need help with this, I'm trying to export a tilable map to UE4, it's a 30 x  30 km map, and I have it set to 20 x 20 tiles with a res. of 2048, meaning around .75m forevery pixil, but still doesn't work, even after I build it as a tillable build, which I would build it as tilable, but when I go to export it, it acts like its still a single image, and then tells me to rebuild, as a single image. How can I fix this?
So I'm currently using Zbrush, Blender, World machine pro, Unreal engine 4, substance painter/designer.

And I'm wanting to make a map thats 900 square km, with 2 main islands and like 5-8 really small ones, one having a land mass of 233 sqaure km, and a smaller one that has a 62 sqaure km land mass. Then the really small island should be from .5 sqaure km to 7 km ( and all of the small islands combined shouldn't exceed more than 13 sqaure km)

I want the islands to be fairly close to each other, however the really small ones can be farther away  than the main islands (Which the main islands need to be within 2-4.5 miles)

Now the different biomes/terrain I would want for the 233 sqaure mile one would be. Desert (like flat, and then then like hilly dunes), Rocky canyons, about 3-5  mountans, tropical hills (meaning fairly big hills), forest hilllands/mountainess (like yosemite national park), grasslands, flat forest/frassland, and then another like Yellowstone national park. In some places by the ocean/water I want it to be cliff/canyon like areas

The 62 sqre mile map should be Hilly, with little hills in sections, along with a few small/wide mountains. In some places by the ocean/water I want it to be cliff/canyon like areas

Then the really small island should be primarily flat, with small hills

I'm going to be exporting just the height maps (as it ganna need to be in tilable maps, as I want 1 pixil= 1 meter) to UE4. I could really use a diagram, and a file of this done, with the diagram showing what each thing does)