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Have you taken a look at the Cartographers guild? Just do and Photoshop may become a new friend of yours ;)
If fancy 3D stuff or actual animation is your goal WM is the one to lay down the terrain, Blender can accomplish the rest but is beyond my skills to help out with.



General Discussion / Re: Tutorials
July 17, 2015, 02:16:18 am
You could try www.geekatplay.com.
Feature Requests / Vertical Breakup
August 05, 2014, 02:53:09 am
Hi there,

I would like to have a fractal vertical breakup for splines, similar to the horizontal breakup. Perhaps if the variable falloff is made possible that could be subjected to a breakup too.

Bug Reports and Help / Delete Groups?
July 25, 2014, 01:15:42 am

Until now I always kept the default groups. I wanted to remove them now but can´t figure out how. No right click context for me.
It´s propably very easy but I can´t see how.
Thank you for some help in advance,

Thank you for the rapid response. Looking foreward to it ;)
QuoteThe terrain from rivers paper is quite interesting -- I will take a more in depth look later. There are some exciting things coming up soon for World Machine with regards to rivers though, I may mention :)

Any news on this? Creation of proper drainage is very hard so any help would be welcome ;)


Bug Reports and Help / Height Chooser
June 27, 2013, 03:31:59 am
Hi there,

I´d like to have some  clarifications  about the new height chooser. I would like to "draw" a guide for the height chooser in grayscale, the outlines/coastlines are to stay the way they are. Does the chooser divide the absolute height of the scene in equal parts or does it use the actual covered height range from the height input? As you notice it´s kind of hard to describe for me ;) If you need clarification to give me help just ask away.

THX in advance,

A behaviour that seems strange to me is that if I set the range from -2000 m to 50 m the actual measurements are -2000 m to -1950 m. Bug?

Greetings Troedel
Bug Reports and Help / Snow
September 19, 2012, 12:57:49 am
Hi everybody,

There is a basic understanding issue on my side i think. Problem is the use of the snow device. I want some nice snowcovered peaks, noticed the snow device but I don´t know how to use it. Can somebody provide an example for me to dissect and understand the usage? That would be very nice.

Thanks in advance,

Bug Reports and Help / Re: import svg as polygon?
September 12, 2012, 01:42:41 pm
O.K. I did some experiments and discovered that lines in WM have individual z info for each vertex. If you right click the line you can edit the lofting curve which gives you precise control over all vertices z value. In addition you can see the height value of the underlying terrain currently selected as output. Right now I´m working on a cut through my mountain establishing a downhill path by adjusting the line used as a mask for a simple transform set to glaciate and canyonize a bit. Results are promising although it´s tedious work fiddling around with different height settings. There is an option to drop the curve to the surface heights, perhaps I can capitalize on this. More work ahead. If I´m a little bit satisfied I´ll post some pictures ;) ?
Bug Reports and Help / Re: Radial Grade 2.3 BETA
September 10, 2012, 09:31:05 am
Same for me with other devices. I have to use the sliders, manual input isn´t accepted in some cases.
A little thing indeed, a great step for me. Dipped my head into Vue 10.5 PLE and rendered out some terrain. Hope you like it.


General Discussion / 3DWorld Tutorial on WM and Vue
September 04, 2012, 10:37:21 am
I stumbled upon this one and I think it could be helpful to beginners...

External Link to 3D world website:

First video covers about 50min of wm tutorial, worth a watch.

Bug Reports and Help / Re: 3d view just black and white
September 04, 2012, 12:56:53 am
Somehow I changed the settings under "Set Terrain Color...". I have not looked into that menu before, so I don´t know how this happened. Problem solved. Thank you.
Bug Reports and Help / Copy Shape Properties
September 04, 2012, 12:54:43 am
The Falloff Profile Curve Percentage doesn´t seem to be copied when you pick up the properties and put them on another shape.

Greetings Troedel
Feature Requests / Fill Basin
September 03, 2012, 07:25:32 am
Hi there,

is there a way to fill up sink holes in a heightmap using macros or other means? Right now I export to Wilbur, fill up the holes and go back to wm2 using 16bit png files. It would be nice to have a device for it, but perhaps it´s not going to happen in a procedural generated environment. I´m neither a mathematical competent person nor do I have programming experience. I think the two go hand in hand ;)
I read  "Planchon, O. and Darboux, F., 2001. A fast, simple and versatile algorithm to fill the depressions of digital elevation models" as suggested on Joe Slayton´s homepage , got a headache and a little understanding.
So I ask if this would be possible in wm2, perhaps with a masked input to define the area?


Bug Reports and Help / Re: import svg as polygon?
August 31, 2012, 03:25:36 pm
That sounds like I have got to sacrifice accurate hydrology because it's not necessary for my intended use of maps. Perhaps I try the "eye" approach to create something not totally unbelievable, taking real elevation maps as guidelines.

Regarding the Illustrator files there isn't really much to say other than stated above. Once I got the proper routine I imported the svg´s as layouts which worked fine after eliminating to first difficulties ( hours... ). What happend was me getting stranded with Layouts that had thousands of anchor points and WM2 breaking down to a crawl. So perhaps I've got to say that handling layouts via Illustrator isn't really necessary as the basic handling options are present in WM2. The GUI for doing that could be a little bit more elaborated ( different tools for object selection, anchor point selection and a clear button for deselection of everything ). By the way it was/is a 30day trial of CS6 and I won't spend the money just for creating layouts in wm2. Inkscape perhaps.

So I switched back to Photoshop ( I own that one at least ;) ) for creating masks ( which is overkill ) and they worked fine. Disadvantage are the missing (?) falloff controlls a layout generator gives you. But the reload for every worldbuild is nice as I can open PS, work on the mask, hit build and get an almost immediate update in wm2. Neat.

Thanks for your reply regarding waterways. Is it possible to fill up basins in wm2 as it is possible in wilbur? I would say it is but I haven't figured it out. In wilbur it is a one button action which is nice. Macro Project? Perhaps that could be a way to avoid larger sinkholes after designing the first terrain draft.

Good night everyone, its late ;)


Edit: Couldn´t sleep. Isn´t somthing like .shp implemented in wm2? The layouts have z info stored within their vertices. So .shp for layout should be a possibilty. As I´m a "noob" regarding this I wonder what other programs you would like to use to generate these files and why. Always remember that mine is a more "artistic" approach with little knowledge in realworld topology. Please forgive me I know it´s worth a read for this kind of terrain modelling ;)
Bug Reports and Help / 3d view just black and white
August 30, 2012, 06:16:31 am
Hi there,

everything worked fine but now the overlay is just displaying black and white in 3d view. Colored it is in 2d view or if I use the camera sybmol for sharper preview. Any ideas? OpenGL issue ( new driver was installed but problem occured not in direct relation )?



Edit: Explorer View is just blue, in this case in every sense...
Bug Reports and Help / Re: import svg as polygon?
August 28, 2012, 03:33:39 am
I think I finally got what I want.

Things to respect in Illustrator :

1. Change a compound path back to a path
2. Be sure to have just one path before exporting to svg ( tracing creates 2 paths, one for the inner one for the outer shape )
3. Set the correct fills and strokes, see above
4. Simplify the path to just straight lines

Things to respect in WM

1. No paths within the boundaries of other paths, it will mesh things up
2. Create a second svg for "inner" shapes import them and set them to substract

Those are the bumpers I ran into so perhaps it can be avoided in the future. I certainly got WM to the limits of my machine with this one. I hope my rig will hold together for the rest of the project ;) And a bug was spoted on the way. Certainly worth the effort.

THX for the help I got so far.

Bug Reports and Help / Re: import svg as polygon?
August 27, 2012, 01:19:50 am
Ok, made some progress this morning. Figured out that it seems to need straight lines to form a mask. I removed all anchors with handles and changed them to corners, after that the resulting svg resulted in masks. Holes within a polygon result in a pretty meshed up result. Isolating those "inner seas" and reproducing them with a different file and changing to "substract" will do the trick. Perhaps I will do a little tutorial on tracing in Illustrator and importing to worldmachine. It seems to me that there are some things to consider...