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Plugin Development Forum / Re: Julia Fractal Generator
November 23, 2010, 11:02:20 pm
The pictures are really wonderful. I am a civil engineer who has got some knowledge of AutoCAD. I have the feeling that Julia can be made use of in construction. I was able to download it but I could not run it. When I read the "read me" document I was informed that this Plugin runs in Worldmachine 2.0 only. I really wonder what that means. Can anybody help me in this regard? I would like to thank them in advance.
I really wonder why all people are hell bent on using MSVC 2005. I would like to recommend Visual studio 2010 to them. I admit that MSVC 2005 is good. But regarding the number of features offered MSVC 2005 comes to nowhere near Visual Studio 2010. It supports IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Moreover it provides integrated support for Microsoft Silverlight applications. I have been using this version over the last few months and in my view it is a definite improvement to MSVC 2005.
In my view you should be very careful when trying to download from softpedia. Org. A few months back I downloaded a new game from this site and got into trouble. Everything worked really well in the beginning but soon I realized that my computer was infected with virus. It had come with the download. Anyway I think the problem here is related to VM Pro 2.1. I would advise him to try using VM 2.0. He can download it freely from the internet.