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September 18, 2019, 02:55:39 pm


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You can also use "channel splitter" device to split the channels into 3 separate masks. Easier to work once you's got things in black and white.
Works in Progress / Re: Volcanic Island Terrain
April 14, 2018, 02:55:40 pm
Looks beautiful! Great job there!

A simple tip about the complex graph, when your terrain is finished, do the coloring inside a macro. It would take slightly more time to set up and switch back and forth, but will be cleaner, more coherent, and reusable once finished. Even if you don't publish many parameters, it's still a ready to use "volcanic island coloring box", just plug in the masks!

Again, brilliant job here!
All of it can be done. There are multiple ways to do it all.

1. Import png using file input, set "Resampling method" to fractal. Adjust roughness. Or do it the old way, import png, use blur filter to get smooth shape, combine with some noise, and erode. First way gives you more accurate results. Use erosion after to get realistic results and masks.
2. Answered in "1"
3. Yes, you can do it. Again, many ways to do it. All of them a bit hard to explain in text. Look up some "combining terrains" tutorials on geekatplay site: http://www.geekatplay.com/world-machine-tutorials.php

Good luck!
Guest Forum / Re: Huge world tiles
March 27, 2018, 08:53:35 pm
The reason you don't see many videos explaining the creation of such large terrains, is because it's extremely resource intensive to create said terrain. There are a lot of optimization tactics that go into creating a decent open world game. That being said, the outerra engine anteworld demo is probably created with the help of world machine.

1. Yes it can be done
2. Yes there are indeed ways to load the tiles in an intelligent manner, such that they can be rendered at decent frame rates. How can it be done? Start researching online, it's a long and complicated process.
3. To create a believable terrain at that scale, you need to work at a very high level on all levels of the pipeline. You need to master world machine, as well as said engine's level design features. Look at stuff on Epic's "Kite world demo", look at how it was created and what challenges they faced.

This is a big challenge, even for a mid range studio. Good luck with your project!
You can import tileable textures directly using the "file input" node, set it to "interpret as RGB". Then you can use choosers in a cascade setup to texture your terrain using slope or erosion masks. I'll link an example, one of mine.


Textured completely inside world machine. Rock textures from asilefx.
Works in Progress / Re: Terrain with Houdini
February 20, 2018, 08:42:47 am
Geoglyph is good, but not a magic solution. Most coloring macros just shade with solid colors. What you need is texturing either with shaders in houdini, or file textures in world machine. You can import rgb textures using "file input" device set to "interpret as RGB". I'll link an example of file based texturing right here in worldmachine.


Works in Progress / Re: Terrain with Houdini
February 19, 2018, 04:06:08 pm
Then I'd say

1. Reduce size of trees to 3/4 the current size
2. Yes, add 1.5 times the current amount of trees
3. Use some better texturing on the slopes, looks like paper for now. For illustrative use this would have been good though.
4. I like the bridge idea, but doubtful if the shapes in your terrain will allow it.

For photorealism, terrain itself may need some more work. Also, what do you use to populate trees? Avoid populating on visible slopes. That's all I can think of at this point. I like your scene assembly though. A bit more fine tuning, and it will shine!
Works in Progress / Re: Terrain with Houdini
February 19, 2018, 03:38:54 pm
Looks awesome! Are you going for cartoonish or realistic look?
May I have a look at that heightmap?
Geoglyph doesn't support 3016. 3017 and 3018 are supported currently, 3019 support coming soon.
General Discussion / Re: New tutorials out
February 12, 2018, 10:31:35 am
Lol! No worries, most of us have your website bookmarked anyway! :)
The one that worked best for me was wm3011. However, geoglyph 2 works with 3018 flawlessly too, just a slower to respond on my PC. For serious production, I don't use geoglyph yet, just have more control with wm vanilla. I do use it heavily for my personal projects.
Works for noises native to wm at least. Geoglyph is an external app, only Dax can answer the specifics there.
Here's the screenshot of the setting
Okay, so I get it now. The extents work on the "world" as a whole, not individual noises. You have to remember that the world is being built at once, so when you move the extents, you are just moving the camera to a new area, not the noise.

That being said, you can move the "device origin" inside the device settings. You can also set it interactively in layout view using "set" button near the origin values. This would move just the noise, not the extents.
"A picture speaks a thousand words". Some screenshots will help us understand the problem.  :wink:
Macros and Plugins / Re: Colortable icons and names
January 12, 2018, 05:25:50 pm
Currently, it only works with geocolor device. Which in turn is not working with wm 3018 at this point.
General Discussion / Re: New tutorials out
January 12, 2018, 05:23:09 pm
Quote from: geekatplay on January 11, 2018, 09:22:46 am
New tutorials unlocked, free to watch at www.geekaptlay.com and youtube channel

That geekatplay link is incorrect. The spelling needs correction.
1. I'd like to see the settings you have in the file input device, world parameters settings.
2. Open the file in an image viewer, and see if it looks pixelated in full resolution. If you can, please show it here too.
3. Just in case, build it again at different resolution and see if that works.
You need world machine pro for higher resolutions. World machine basic is limited to 512 resolution, not much you can do with it at that scale.

Secondly, yes it's a tough job to create a believable terrain. A lot of the extra work for realism (trees, assets, shaders) is done in your target engine, unity or unreal. World machine is a terrain modelling tool, the landscape and level is up to the target engine where the terrain data can be imported and manipulated.