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Works in Progress / Re: Doing huge terrain in 512
April 07, 2017, 11:47:01 pm
Hey thanks for sharing! Those look very cool.
Although I'm not sure if steep slopes like that will work in arma.

Thanks for sharing the project files as well :)
There are multiple ways I can think of to achieve that look, although it will look artificial or stylized.
Sadly I'm not at home or I would send you a project file.

One way is using a ridged perlin, erode it with the inverse filter to get those glacial lines, then apply some distortion with as a distortion input a much bigger (more up close) advanced perlin, that will give the swirling round shape you see in the original picture.

To make it look more rugged try some heavy thermal erosion at the beginning and some terracing too.

It's not easy to try and explain how to proceed so if you are willing to wait 5 days i will make a project for you.
What you are aiming for is actually a very difficult project to be realized inside World Machine.

Especially since the continent you are trying to recreate comes from outside of World Machine; if the continent outline has a river estuary on a certain part of coast, it means that there is supposed to be a river, and if there is a river there is a spring, and a valley, and tributaries and so much more. World Machine just isn't capable of sourcing all that information just from the outline of a continent.

So what I suggest you could do is starting out with a less complex outline, just shaping out the broad outlines of landmasses and oceans, then let World Machine create the rest.

Also I have a tip for you that I've heard quite a lot of people suggest, go and watch the World Machine timelapse videos by imbilio, he makes great terrains and in this one he uses the layout generator to sketch out an island https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vY_Bk0B8HQ
Set the speed of the video to the lowest if you want and try to learn from watching the video, it's not a fully fledged tutorial, but it's better than nothing.

If you really need to fully build your continent following the exact outline you won't have much luck in World Machine unless you put a lot of effort into learning and especially iterating on techniques that lend good results and then merging those techniques.
But if you want to take a shortcut and you don't need to go fully procedural try to paint the broad elevation of your continent outside of World Machine, in Photoshop or a sculpting program or GIMP or whatever, and then import that into World Machine and work from there
I suggest you to try either a thermal erosion for the mask (with a low mass balance and rock angle) to preserve most features that get lost with the World Machine blur.
Another Thing you could try is the expander, set it on min, but beware, it's very slow, so try it on small areas first.

Also I'm not entirely grasping what you are trying to create, do you only have the outline of the continent, without any elevation data?
The image you linked, apart from being a color map, has very deep looking channels all along the island, if this was generated by software turn them off (probably it's some kind of river feature).

As others said, try turning the image into Grayscale in Photoshop

EDIT: looks like a Dwarf Fortress map, if the software you used has a feature to export without rivers use that, if not you can use a blur device in World Machine, or if that makes you loose too much detail maybe try the Snow device
A simple fix is to plug the terrain into a displacement node, just plug it into both inputs and don't mess around with the device itself, stay sure it stays on 0.

The way World Machine works is kinda weird sometimes, but the output of a displacement will always be a 3D terrain, if you want your 2D heightmap back just combine it with 0 power with another 2D mask, like a height selector
That road tool you posted is definitely not as impressive as the tools they built for Ghost Recon, the one you linked doesn't have the procedural pathfinding, which to me is a mindblowingly amazing feature.
I feel like some of those tools, like the material distribution based on rules and weight of the rules could probably be reproduced in UE4, but I'm not an advanced user, I'd need to learn more to reproduce it.

By the way i can watch the video without subscription, are you sure it needs a subscription?

Were there any other interesting panels about terrains at the GDC except the Houdini one? And where can i find that one and other ones?
Cool! I was waiting for something about that presentation being released, usually it takes a lot for the full panels
That's really tricky to get in World Machine, but there is this filter for Filter forge https://www.filterforge.com/filters/12148.html that does exactly what you are looking for.
Otherwise I imagine substance designer could do the job too
Oh my god you actually can override it for a group, that's awesome!
You learn more and more with every day :)

Also are you on the newest WM version? Because with dev3014 a new blur type was implemente: Approximate, it's standard blur, less precise but much faster, I think that would fit your needs
I'm not familiar with the device, but does it have device coordinates? Try adjusting those to the center of the terrain.
Or if it doesn't have device coordinates and the device forgot them you could shift your terrain to the center, it's tedious, but may work
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
February 26, 2017, 07:47:27 am
I think what maybe help Stephen up from posting anything on the forums was fear: initially he may just have stopped to post anything for a short while just because he was focusing on something else and because he was overwhelmed of having to deal with all his new customers, but after a few months of silence he was maybe afraid of the feedback he'd get from the community by writing a blog post that he had zero features ready for release.

My theory is that after months of fruitless R&D he decided to change course and develop features that he was sure he could release, so he worked non stop on the features we have now in dev3014, completely neglecting the community. He was planning to release the update just inside the 12 month timespan from the 3011 update, so he could renew the licenses of whoever bought WM in the times of silence by an additional year. He probably didn't manage to get it quite in time, hence we got 3014 in February.

I'm not saying he did the right thing, but I think it's definitely understandable why he stopped communicating with the outside world.

This ties in well with the other discussion about Stephen putting up a feature list of what he is currently working on, or what the community would want to see.
I think particularly after this year of silence he would not be doing the right decision by spoiling us any new major feature he is working on, because if at the end of the day it doesn't work out like he wanted to and he ends up not releasing it, the backlash from the community can be painful, emotionally and financially.
Even with the new erosion system he spoiled in the new blog post http://www.world-machine.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/example_newsystem3.jpg , I'd be really sad if he ends up scrapping the project, and it could lead me to not buying any additional updates.
That sounds insane! What resolution did you set the first blur?

I think there is so much potential with the single device resolution settings and barely anyone uses it.
Especially with blurs, expanders and layout generators, in almost every case of using those devices you don't actually need a 1 to 1 resolution for those devices, I highly recommend everyone to try and mess around with that setting.
While we are at it, it would be amazing if you could change resolution of devices based on the group they are in, that could speed things up by quite a bit for large projects

I have a very simple but potentially very useful suggestion:
Add a low-res preview of the terrain to the Zoomed Tile Picker that is accessed on the Tiled Build Option
This is what it looks like currently
Here is a quick mockup on how it would look:

This would help a lot and would be a godsend for people doing lots of tiled builds
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
February 21, 2017, 07:08:46 am
Forward compatibility is a thing for the 3.x versions, but there are some problems with a couple of macros, there are definitely some bugs since it's still a Dev version.

Also you can install both versions by choosing different installation folders
Feature Requests / Re: Terrain Synthesis
February 20, 2017, 12:45:20 pm
Quote from: WFab on February 20, 2017, 12:22:30 pm
Ah, got it! Creating data where none exist, based on the given data and shapeguide.

Yes exactly, at first it may sound like the mimic device but that does much less, it only recreates the curve profile of the terrain and basic roughness, but synthesis tries to imitate whole terrain features
Feature Requests / Re: Terrain Synthesis
February 20, 2017, 10:15:37 am
Yes you both misunderstood what terrain synthesis is.
It's much more powerful than using any sort of shaping guide currently available in World Machine.
For example in this first picture I shared
Take a better look at the end result and you can see that it cannot possibly be a result of a normal combiner or perlin shapeguide, because most of the features in the synthesized terrain are completely new.
The riverbed for example, in the synthesized result it follows the line of the user sketch but not fully, it bends and meanders just like the river in the style input, the grand canyon DEM.

Now that I read my original post I can see that it can easily be overlooked, but what terrain synthesis does is try to recreate features that look very similar to the style input, but shaped using the shape input.

An analogy would be: you go to your hair stylist and show him a picture of Brad Pitt asking for his hairstyle, he would normally go ahead and cut your hair according to the shape of your head and the type of hair you have, that's terrain synthesis, while what's currently possible in World Machine is going into photoshop, cutting out the hair of Brad Pitt and putting the cutout on your head, maybe with a 50% opacity, but it still looks ridiculous.
It's black magic to me, and it would be a gamechanger for me if it was ever implemented into World Machine.
Feature Requests / Terrain Synthesis
February 19, 2017, 11:27:52 am
Terrain Synthesis is my personal white whale of terrain generation, and an integration into World Machine would bring the software up to a whole new level IMO.
If you don't know what terrain synthesis is, here are some examples:

As you can see methods like this could bring World Machine to a whole new level.
At the moment the sketch based editing with Layout Generator is very hard to get right, but with terrain synthesis you could achieve very believable and most of all stylistically consistent and accurate results.

I know this topic has come up a few times here on the forum, like way back in 2007 http://forum.world-machine.com/index.php?topic=765  but with the time more and more research papers about terrain synthesis have come up, showing stunning end results, but afaik no commercial software yet has any sort of terrain synthesis available.
Here for example is a paper from 2012 http://ai2-s2-pdfs.s3.amazonaws.com/44b2/7a07be8bd721e27ed561ac8e3b72a26ae7b6.pdf

Lots of texture artists are already starting to use very advanced synthesis methods to produce lots of new textures from photo reference, especially with the rise of neural networks and machine learning.
Here is an example

I know Stephen has probably already an opinion on terrain synthesis in World Machine, but maybe if the community shows some support on this idea he will rethink about it.
Development News / Re: Dev Silent in Forum and Blog
February 19, 2017, 10:23:43 am
Quote from: Vision4Next on February 18, 2017, 07:05:08 am
By the way - How do I get the beta? Where is the download page?

You need to buy at least the standard version to access the development builds.
Once you have a license code go here https://update.world-machine.com/upgrade.php and you can choose which version to download