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General Discussion / Exporting WM terrains as dem or srtm
February 18, 2011, 03:01:43 am
I have found lots of posts about importing dems into WM. I want to use my creations (as soon as I have one) as input for a fictional layout in the Trainz railroad simulator, of which I am very fond, and which I have been using since Day 1 (somewhen in 2001). There are programs to make Trainz terrains out of dems, but I am looking for the missing link. So I want to go the other way, meaning exporting terrains as dems. I have the feeling that this is already possible with V1.25 Standard Edition, which is the WM version I have. Perhaps I am not familiar enough with the terminology, as English is not my native language (it's German).
Any suggestions?

Greetings from Austria,