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General Discussion / Re: Oops!
August 20, 2005, 05:00:36 pm
Quote from: =norman.dahl:oops:

Having said that, I now find there's a problem in opening a project or saving/Saving As a new project in NT and W98 - the file dialog does not appear. However, trying to close an unsaved project does open the Save dialog, and opening a file from the Recent File list also works.

I reckon this must be a V1.0 artefact, as I didn't notice it in 0.99. I don't think it has anything to do with the emulator.

PS As a Mac owner, I am unwilling to pay good money for a more recent version of Windows  :wink:

do you have an old pc... you could use the winehq libraries to attempt to port it to mac and linux with a little work... http://www.winehq.com

note: upon my last test world machine ran without fail on linux pc.
General Discussion / OSX version?
August 20, 2005, 04:53:45 pm
Quote from: RemnantUnfortunately a GUI framework is only the start. There is the need for plugin libraries, system-specific code, and of course testing, which would be exceedingly hard to do without a development system to work on.

system specific code? isn't this written in opengl... that's enough for mac osx and linux (with some slight changes in the initialization ) ... and as for the system specific code, wx widgets is only a start... it has file management and dialogue controls... it simplifies a lot... as for multithreadedness look at libsdl... http://www.libsdl.org
General Discussion / OSX version?
August 16, 2005, 06:27:10 pm
Quote from: RemnantIt's something I've considered for a long time now.

The principal problems are

1) I don't own a Mac, and am not familiar with developing on one
2) Market size... bearing #1 in mind, does it make sense to purchase a Mac and spend the time developing an edition for it?

I haven't ruled it out, but there's no immediate plans for such a version either.

as you probbobly won't buy a mac the simplest method to port it is to use an application framework that supports mac... so for that i'd recommend using wx widgets ( aka wx windows)

site: http://www.wxwidgets.org/

note: with mac you  need to use opengl and the code you do for mac with wx widgets works on windows and linux without modification for the most part as long as you avoid proprietary api.
have you thought of using the application/toolkit of WX windows?  http://www.wxwindows.org/ .

this toolkit is a one stop shop for windows, linux, and windows... all in one toolkit.
i'll submit mine, but it'll just be in after i get the new world machine.
Quote from: FilI know I'm not the destination for that suggestion, but I didn't understand it.. input window? Are you suggesting having two previews, one for device input and the other for device output? sort of a "before and after" comparison?
If so, you can choose the device from the list on the left, and by clicking them the preview changes. WM v.99 does that already..

Is it not that?

somewhat... i want the input to show the primary input of the device, and the output to show the real time output of it...  it already does the output, but some of my terrain changes i keep havin to click on both devices, and it takes a lot of time  :?

note: i figure it wouldn't take that much coding to add this since a real time preview of the output is already done.
my request  i don't think is very hard, but it does have a lot of good uses :) how about adding a second window for input to just below theoutput window on the gui... i like the gui now, but the addition of a input preview and visualization is goin to help a lot.

pic 1 that you posted elsewhere... the best place would be before or after the visualization/preview window.
Bug Reports and Help / Alpha Maps?
March 22, 2005, 08:07:13 am
Rhalph, yes i know that, but i'm talking about a separator for the color layers...  just take a look at thelittle heightmap window... the color range on that map is great for most maps, and very natural :wink: and anyways, it's a great source to make the neccessary things for the engine... here are some thingsa bout the engine i am usin to map with.

Unreal Engine Notes:
1: it uses a Greyscale Bitmap ( take a look at the files you get with exporting with gimp as a bitmap for windows for a good example, no rle compression of course. )
2: alpha maps to get into unrealed need to be either dds files with dxt5 or dxt3 compression... and/or maybe even none.
3: terrains can and do use alpha maps to apply textures to terrains.

with those 3 things you need to read some epic documentation.
1: the Unreal Technology page about the runtime.
2: get valueble information about the unreal engine through the unreal development network (UDN).
3: the specific udn page discussing terrain alpha maps( Terrain Layers)
Plugin Development Forum / PDK and The versions?
March 21, 2005, 06:32:01 pm
Quote from: RemnantYes, the PDK can be used to create plugins for both the registered and unregistered versions.

The unreg'd version, of course, has the same limitations it always has had -- limited max res, etc.

i see, and might i request that one of the official plugins for worldmachine be the plug for python coding... .a great example of how to do the python integration is the Xchat api for it... and with that said you can look at the file,

Plugin Development Forum / PDK and The versions?
March 21, 2005, 03:08:43 pm
i would like to know if the PDK will work with the unregistered Version of the World Machine?