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October 14, 2019, 06:04:42 am


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When deleting a polygon from a Layout Generator Layout View, World Machine crashed with error message "Pure Virtual Function Call". See attached screenshot.

I was not able to reproduce this crash.

World Machine 3.build3016 Professional Edition 64-bit
Video demonstration of bug here.

Steps to Repro

  • Create a Height Output device

  • Double click the Height Output device

  • Set File Format to RAW16

  • Set the filename to heightmap.raw

  • Press OK

Heightmap output filename changed back to heightmap.r16. I expected it to be what I entered: heightmap.raw.

World Machine 3.build3016 Professional Edition 64bit
Demo of bug here: https://youtu.be/6wXGNVLDBgo

Steps to Repo

  • Open Device View in primary window

  • Open Explorer View in Walking Mode in secondary window (same screen... not sure if that matters)

  • Right click in Explorer View to walk

  • Right click in Explorer View to walk

  • Right click in Explorer View to walk

  • Right click in Explorer View to walk

As you right click in Explorer View, the Device View switches in the primary view. It's like right click is hooked up to two actions, walking in explorer view and also switching views in the primary window.

Expected Result
When I right click to walk, that's all that happens. Primary window shouldn't do anything.

World Machine 3.build3016 Professional Edition 64bit
Feature Requests / Free Orbiting in 3D View
October 25, 2017, 02:43:16 pm
This is a feature request to allow free orbiting in 3D view.

Currently, you can only orbit until the cursor reaches the edge of your window, and then you can orbit no more until you release the mouse, move the mouse to the other edge of the window, and then orbit again.

Video here showing what I'm talking about and also how blender works with cursor wrapping.

Have you drawn the path that defines the river? This is setup in Layout View after you create a River Reach device.

Here's a short video of how to do this: https://youtu.be/6LKpnbfvQHA

  • Create a River Reach device

  • Switch to Layout View and select the River Reach tab.

  • Press the Add Reach button.

  • Press and hold the left mouse button and draw a reach path. As you're drawing you will see Xs populated on the path, these are the control points.

  • Release left mouse button to complete the reach path.

At this point your River Reach device should be usable, though you'll probably also want to setup GCS parameters to make it more realistic (see also https://www.world-machine.com/blog/?p=470).

Attached some screenshots showing what you should see at this point, though in my examples I also added a default configured Advanced Perlin generator.
I ended up purchasing the Professional edition. In that edition, the menu > Views > Open Additional Window option is enabled. While I have not verified if this feature is available in the Standard edition, my guess is it is not.
I'm deciding between the Standard and Professional editions. I want to have Device View in window 1 and then to observe changes I make to the device network in 3D View in window 2 (because the preview window is very small). I only have one monitor.

The Pro version says it provides "Multimonitor Support". However, I have a feeling that really means "Multi-Window Support".

Do I need the Pro version to have multiple windows on a single display?