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September 19, 2019, 06:08:22 pm


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Such a lively forum. some progress

Macros and Plugins / Re: TeTo : The Texturing Toolbox!
January 18, 2019, 12:02:32 pm
LOCKED MACRO..for me its WORTHLESS..didn't learn ANYTHING, and I should request a refund from paypal, FOR NOT DISCLOSING THAT FACT. its world machine, we all use the same tool sets..
I created this as a my second macro, I use satellite images for my flight sim games, wanted something..better..so:

I will post more, when further along.

ok, some new pics..updated the input sat map with WM erosion and my own stylized magic, see the side by side.
I am still finalizing and testing..

and how the whole thing works..

Looks like your following a C++/Windows layout..any chance to add a new tab, when adding macro properties? to un-clutter complex macros.

So, I do have some experience in Unity terrains, I had a little head start. Been messing around , exploring, watching videos, total immersion...
I needed a pipeline to my custom unity mobile shaders, so starting from that perspective, I took my old islands into World Machine, and started to Experiment...

Here is where I am.

Oh yeah, exporting LOD meshes a well!...

Stay Tuned!!